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NameCooking City APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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You are passionate about food service, finding joy in the kitchen space every day. Cooking City is an excellent choice for entertainment and living with your passion. Become a professional chef, cook delicious food. Processed according to many different tastes, attracting a large number of customers. Moreover, you will manage the restaurant and scale it up. Developing restaurants, earning high profits in a short time. Experience cooking, discover famous culinary culture in the world. Accumulate more experience to make more customers come to eat every day.

Cooking City mod

Download Cooking City mod – Professional cooking chef

Cooking City is an entertaining game and simulates the most detailed cooking process. Various missions will be assigned to players to perform. Listening to it will indeed feel hard, but it will have more exciting experiences in return. Bringing attractive menus, delicious dishes to serve each guest. Satisfy everyone who comes to buy things, build the restaurant’s brand by their own ability. Some dishes you don’t know yet, but don’t worry about that. Cooking City will bring you to a rich culinary world, improving your understanding of each new type of food.

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You will take care of all the processes of making the dish. From preparing ingredients, pre-processing and then cooking, serving customers. Choose fresh, delicious foods to ensure food safety. Process and put all the spices just enough and cook on the stove. Sell on demand that each guest gives, get the amount they pay. The work is constantly repeated like that, when all requirements are completed, the game will move to the next level. That’s why the game doesn’t make you boring, experience with being a dedicated shop owner.

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Cooking delicious food

Initially, we will have to choose foods to prepare into the required dishes. Hot dogs, burgers, pizza and countless other foods made by your own hands. In addition to delicious cooking, changing the taste is also essential. That will help the customer return rate increase, making the store grow. More than 200 beautifully decorated dishes, meeting the preferences of each eater. Don’t forget to upgrade the ingredients to make the food better. Own all words, attentively serve customers every time they come to buy. Be as creative as a professional chef, making all kinds of dishes according to the desired requirements of each person.

Cooking City mod apk

Development strategy

The market is always fluctuating, creating great competition. Many other restaurants will also be built, causing many obstacles for you. To attract customers, specific strategies are required. Upgrade to more modern cooking utensils, shorten the time so that guests don’t have to wait long. Decorate the kitchen space to be more beautiful, perform clean processing. Has a considerate service attitude, solving all problems that guests encounter. Prioritize food quality and customers first, don’t let them down. Expand to a larger scale and arrange the serving table well. Each change in strategies will be a way to help restaurants overcome challenges and competitors in the general market.

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Time management

Food quality requirements are the first requirement that every customer wants. They will judge based on the taste and the chef’s decoration. However, there is another problem that is time. If you make them wait too long, the customer will immediately leave. Thus, the number of customers will decrease, the revenue for the restaurant will not be stable. As a chef, you need to manage time, serve customers as quickly as possible. When the time factor responds well and ensures good food, then you have succeeded. Promote many new skills, complete missions like an international top star chef.

Developing a culinary background with dishes has never been easy. Cooking City will be the place to bring a lot of knowledge and experience for you to fulfill your passion. Freedom to choose ingredients and decorations makes many delicious dishes. Build a famous restaurant brand with professional chef qualifications. Download now Cooking City mod restaurant business, serving the gods.

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