Cookie Run: Puzzle World 2.11.1 MOD APK (Many move/Auto win/Always active cookies booster)

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NameCookie Run: Puzzle World APK
PublisherDevsisters Corporation
MOD FeaturesMany move/Auto win/Always active cookies booster
SupportAndroid 5.0
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Over millions of years, humans have been more developed than animals by knowing how to use fire to cook. Since then, humanity has created many delicious dishes. Each country and each region has its specialties. With the charm of taste, dishes can also cross borders and distances to become globally famous. When it’s difficult, people want to be able to eat well and dress warmly. But now, when the economy is more abundant, people will try to eat well and dress well. It feels so happy to enjoy afternoon tea with friends and nibble on cookies. If you want to understand cookies, try Cookie Run: Puzzle World.

Cookie Run Puzzle World mod

Download Cookie Run: Puzzle World mod – Join the world of Cookie

Are you a fan of sweets? Have you ever wished to step foot into cookies, candies, and countless other delicacies? Come to the world of Cookie Run: Puzzle World to experience it. The producer Devsisters Corporation has created a unique cookie in this game. However, it was almost charred in the oven. It was you who saved the biscuits out there. For that, biscuits are incredibly grateful to you. Now, cookies will become your guide to exploring the sweet world of confectionery. Here are a lot of your favorite candies. For example, marshmallows, lozenges, red beans, and chocolate, … with many flavors.

Cookie Run Puzzle World android

Just hearing it feels like a sweet world. But the adventure at Cookie Run: Puzzle World also has many challenges. Many greedy bosses want to monopolize all the sweets in this world. You must help Cookie save his friends. Cookie Run: Puzzle World is designed based on the familiar match-three puzzle format. Your task is to match at least three of the same candies to free them from the evil boss. The more candies put together in one move, the stronger the Cookie Boosters generated. It will become the lever for Cookie and friends to pass the levels in this sweet world. In Cookie Run: Puzzle World, hundreds of levels exist to pursue.

Cookie Run Puzzle World apk

Increase the power of Cookies

The further you go, the more companions you will have. The original cookie you meet is GingerBrave. He is the one to guide you in your first steps at Cookie Run: Puzzle World. Passing through different levels, you will meet many other cookie friends such as Strawberry, Soda, Devil, Werewolf, Cocoa, Herb, Banana, Ninja, and many other exciting characters. Each has a personality and can help you through the missions here. Help Cookie increase his power to the maximum. This will help you get the most out of them. At the same time, every cookie tries to get out of the oven. They are eager to spend a holiday with you with fun puzzle work.

Cookie Run Puzzle World mod apk

Level up with interesting quests

In Cookie Run: Puzzle World, each level contains an exciting task. The missions are designed to increase in difficulty according to different levels and areas gradually. Accompanied by a generous bonus when winning. Of course, to do this, you must follow the unique set of rules that the manufacturer has set. For example, can you own all the rewards at Cookie Run: Puzzle World? Your achievements in each Cookie Run: Puzzle World level is counted as stars. Try to get a maximum of three stars. That is the way for you to access the most attractive rewards quickly. Only consider moves so that each action counts as a score.

Cookie Run Puzzle World apk free

Join the championship

If you are confident with your ability in Cookie Run: Puzzle World, try the Champions League. This is a great tournament to test your puzzle skills. This tournament is part of a special episode called Unique Cookie. Coming to the Champions League, players can compete with other gamers from other parts of the world. You can invite your friends to join the championship competition. It would be great if my name appeared at the top of the rankings. However, it would help if you overcame countless other teams in Cookie Run: Puzzle World. Rewards are waiting for you wherever you are in this sweet world.

Cookie Run: Puzzle World is a sweet world for you. Oh no, it must be called a paradise because there are many kinds of sweets of all colors and flavors. So instead of being a regular food, in Cookie Run: Puzzle World, cakes will become your companion. The match-three challenge is too familiar and probably can’t be difficult for you. Download Cookie Run: Puzzle World mod and explore the sweetest candy world.

Download Cookie Run: Puzzle World MOD APK (Many move/Auto win/Always active cookies booster) for Android

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