Color House MOD APK 1.28 (Unlimited money)

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NameColor House APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Color House is a place to show your color mixing skills in a picture, creating a beautiful whole. You can colour directly on the house’s interior and renovate them. Or you can confidently develop photos of nature and people. For a colour lover, this is not a challenge but a playground for developing your colouring skills. As for players who are not confident in their aesthetic abilities, they also do not deliver; the game has given numbered boxes; you just need to paint in order. You can explore countless drawing styles and have enough time to conquer. Complete the best pictures together and make a strong impression on others.

Color House

Download Color House mod – Coloring pictures and designing apartments

Players will have two main tasks: colouring pictures and renovating the room for Lucy’s house. The place you join will be an empty house devoid of vitality. You will be the one to transform it in your way or according to the pre-arranged arrangement of Color House. Forget about your troubles; now, let your soul in with the great colours. There needs to be a balance between different types of colours so that the overall picture looks beautiful. There is various drawing details; you can try your hand at whichever one you want first. After colouring, observe and admire your work; it’s so beautiful.

Color House mod

The empty house needs to be re-furnished immediately, with ample space for you to display. Each room has a different design; you should pre-define the objects in the place and proceed to arrange them. The player decides on classic style or luxury; you show your passion. Each class is expressed. Differently, the more variety, the better your collection becomes. When you renew the house, you also bring happiness to Lucy’s home. This place is sad because the house is empty, and laughter has not appeared. You made everything change positively, bringing vibrant colours here right now.

Color House mod apk

Beautiful pictures

Beautiful pictures will motivate you to make your colouring passion. Draw portraits, natural landscapes, art objects or simply doodle. If the order number of Color House becomes a perfect picture, you choose to take a picture to paint. The game has also designed colours that match the overall picture, so feel free to follow that guide. Blue, red, purple, yellow and all kinds of hot and cold colours appear. Such a diverse palette also makes you more excited and more talented. Just show your special colouring skills, and perfect them as quickly as possible.

Color House apk

A story of colour

The characters that revolve around you can all become the perfect pieces in the upcoming story. You are accompanied by Lucy and her little girlfriend’s parents. They have long had no laughter in the house because of the empty rooms, unable to get good furniture. You will make beautiful drawings, from paint colours to every detail in the place. Becoming an interior designer in the future is also a good idea. Renovate the home into different rooms, living room, bedroom and even kitchen. The characters are willing to help you create the complete work. Make plans designed to change their lives.

Color House apk free

Talent race

For those who love pictures or colouring are interested in art competitions. You will display the works you have worked so hard to perfect for others to admire. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to show your talent to other players. The race of colours is in full swing; without you, it’s not perfect. You are the last piece for Color House to launch the best pictures. I was I impressed with the stories about the family and displayed the photos I had coloured. Let’s strive for interior design and free colouring to fill the collection even more.

Color House is full of colors, bringing together illustrators and home designers. The house is about to be put on a new coat; the pictures are also filled with coloured boxes. Players improve their talents through levels; the aesthetic is also higher. Race with others, you also need to earn a lot of money after each successful wave. Show your talent continuously with your colouring ability, and let others admire it. Peaceful stories are also coming; master your decisions. Download Color House mod, join the color adventure, create works of art.

Download Color House MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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