Clicker Cats MOD APK 1.1.5 (Menu/Unlimited money)

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NameClicker Cats APK
PublisherPlatonic Games
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Clicker Cats go on a quest to collect treasure and expand your team’s base. The player inherits the cellar from his beloved grandmother, currently in charge of one hand. This is also an opportunity for you to open up many places for your heroes to reside after long journeys. This rest has strengthened teammates, creating more conditions to take care of when returning from battle. You can collect pets, and it specializes in accompanying you, assisting in everything. After the operation, you have new friends, live together in the house you have designed, and begin to unleash your creativity in building a base.

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Download Clicker Cats mod – Join the raid between heroes and monsters

One of your tasks is to compete with giant monsters. They will also play with teammates like you, the strategy of how to divide people to fight depends on your decision. The bosses have been waiting for you, divided into two boundaries, but there will be war when trespassing. Every force wants to expand the territory, and you fight daily to protect your land. There will be coins and valuable trophies on their side; if you succeed in defeating them, you will be rich. This is your chance to expand your design, so you can’t give up. All your progress is to collect huge bonuses; hurry up!

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The group of cats in Clicker Cats appeared, and the player took the time to collect on his team. Go to battle together and perform ecstatic shots that make the opponent pale. Around the boss, there are always tiny monsters like minions and defenders as barriers. Solving the marginal components will be the turn of the two cult forces. Each side shows the condition through blood vessels; pay attention to it to know the direction of attack. Using multiple tricks simultaneously when they are losing too much health is speeding up to destroy the dungeon. Fight in every battle; the time of each match is different depending on your condition.

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Repair the base

Clicker Cats gives you more power to design your own house and for your teammates. Fully furnished interior to serve the living process of heroes. Pets are also living here to enhance your support. Thanks, the prizes you earn will contribute to the renovation and upgrading of this house. This shelter for warriors after a long journey needs to be a little neat. Interior conditions are neatly arranged in every corner, and many designs are changed. This is your chance to show off your design skills and create various spaces. Collect over 1000 items to improve your shelter to the fullest.

Clicker Cats mod apk

Pet collection

Pet is a companion during the game so you will be favored. It will also be developed, training them to come in handy when you are away from home. They have cute faces, bring different colors, and have many levels to conquer. Their power is reflected in the number of stars displayed on top when you enter the store to collect. It may be a green frog or a penguin, but they are all newly shaped to look funny. Many pets catch your eye and have special powers that should be considered. Each child will give you strength, and conquering all will bring many advantages to the player.

Clicker Cats mod

Conquer many new maps

Many new terrains are designed by Clicker Cats, but the journey to conquer is still long. Fight in the mountains, sea, or swamp, wherever you have to make yourself shine. You will automatically unlock the next land by crossing the previous terrain, and many doors are waiting for you. Going to many new territories, you will meet new opponents, increasing the difficulty with each level. In each place, you need to have a different strategy and be flexible in the way you fight to have a chance to win. Power up the hero, and execute the correct approach to ensure success. Explore many terrains to help you open your eyes and change the combat atmosphere through each level.

Clicker Cats control an army of cats easily through the challenge. Here, the more quests, the more valuable prizes are won. The high level will bring a lot of loot, serving your upgrade. Mighty fighting heroes, follow your orders. Life is in your hands, coordinated properly to get many worthy results. Accept challenges from opponents, and not be afraid of any battlefield. Choose wisely for each turn and even when collecting heroes. Download Clicker Cats mod, and join the war of cats and giant monsters.

Download Clicker Cats MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android

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