Click Chronicles Idle Hero MOD APK 1.2.5 (Unlimited money, Crystals)

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NameClick Chronicles Idle Hero APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, Crystals
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Click Chronicles Idle Hero breaks the curse of the goddess of creation, creating battles to reclaim peace. That goddess transformed unfathomably, making everything on earth her own. But I never thought such a change would anger sentient beings and want to claim justice. The moral conflict from creation also creates wars with heroes. The negative energy seems to have penetrated deep inside and is hard to change. You came to this world as a savior, and timely actions can clear the inner turmoil. You will unleash the ultimate tactics to stop that conflict quickly.

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The contradictions cause war, and you have to shoulder it alone. The attack from the Scepter is brutally decimating innocent people. This is the negative energy placed on the top of Mount Azak, and it was ordered by the goddess to destroy. Evil monsters appear increasingly, and they are strong with each level. Click Chronicles Idle Hero to let the battles explode, sometimes overwhelming with your rampage. Defeat the demons, recruit heroes to defeat them, and prevent the destruction from continuing. People who don’t deserve to be imprisoned are killed innocently for silly reasons.

Click Chronicles Idle Hero mod

The fury from evil monsters will set many challenges to test you. You are not afraid to fight alone, and there is also a strong group of heroes. The deaths caused by the devastation were horrendous, fighting for hours on end. Your breakthroughs need a lot of strength; get support and energy to overcome the challenge. The hero cards must also be loaded into the collection quickly to leave the army in time. Uncompromising battles should be as focused and intense as possible. Hundreds of monsters will be instantly knocked out if you have enough weapons and extreme battle spells.

Click Chronicles Idle Hero apk

Boost the hero’s power

Click Chronicles Idle Hero has endless battles that require a lot of free energy to defeat the enemy. Only a superhero can help you get through such a dangerous situation. You can hatch demon eggs to create a god with the same power as other demons. Also, chant spells to bring the supreme gods here, appearing at your most difficult times. Summon good-natured demons to solve the deadlocked situations you are immersed in. Collect fragments to put together a complete constellation that can be of great benefit to you. Hire heroes and strengthen your power to make the battle in your favor.

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Explore the battle space

Players will enjoy the atmosphere of battle on many different maps. Going from the ground to the mountains, through the desert, wild sea, and islands. New dynamic changing combat situations test your talent. Going into the forest surrounded by trees is also an advantage for you to hide. The desert is harsh, but if it can be adapted, it will be a good development environment because the enemies who live in the mountains will hardly be suitable in such hot and dry places. Unlock space times to play in a variety of particular styles. Just go straight and explore the whole area where you battle. Rely on the terrain to give you the edge in combat, following various epic strategies.

Click Chronicles Idle Hero mod apk

Easy upgrade options

Your heroes also need to be carefully equipped with weapons and protective gear. You can use those items on each level, but you need to make sure to meet the conditions. There will be many new experiences in changing your sword. Slashing many enemies is your wish; proceed quickly. The levels also increase gradually, and the requirements for weapons are growing. Players have no choice but to upgrade themselves. New products always leave a remarkable impression on you because they have great destructive power. Fully equip the heroes, take them to the top of the challenge and complete it brilliantly.

Click Chronicles Idle Hero defeats the demons to win the grand prize from the game. The spoils in your possession are equally inferior to the enemy. Prepare everything stable, lead a powerful army, and good things await you. Monster forces increase and even giant bosses visit you. Take the lead in the hits; destroy the goddess’s dreams now. Download Click Chronicles Idle Hero mod, use strategy to defeat formidable enemies, and enjoy exciting storylines about the gods.

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