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Perhaps you were only familiar with the wars of humans or monsters in the past, right? What if the fighting character is an animal? Indeed you have images of tigers, wolves, or fierce dinosaurs in your head, right? Because many animals, such as chickens, sheep, and goats… are known to be these gentle animals. They are often raised on farms with meticulous human care. However, unexpectedly, the producer BigParking Soft was a revolution for chickens. Coming to the game Chicken VS Man produced by this company, you will see fighting chickens. Learn about this unprecedented breakthrough.

Chicken VS Man mod

Download Chicken VS Man mod – Leader of the chicken rebellion

Indeed, right from the name Chicken VS Man, you know the main character of this game, right? Yes, it is the chickens that will become the heroes in this war. I’m still debating whether to call them chickens or not. Because right from the beginning, these animals have had their slogan: “I don’t want to be a chicken anymore.” So if they don’t make chickens, what will they do? Chicken VS Man would like to introduce an uprising, a revolution of chickens. The image of smooth, fluffy chickens laying eggs will no longer exist. On the contrary, with Chicken VS Man, players will get acquainted with chickens holding weapons. Anger filled the chickens.

Chicken VS Man apk

The chickens wanted to rebel and didn’t want to be seen as food items. You know, lately, fast food has become extremely popular everywhere. The most popular dishes are fried chicken thighs and fried chicken wings. Therefore, every day countless chickens have to sink in the oil pan. Witnessing their fellow human beings being displayed on the platter made the chickens at Chicken VS Man unable to stand it any longer. They decided to revolt because of hatred for their comrades and partly because of fear for their future. The target that these birds are aiming for is chicken restaurants. They believe that the disappearance of restaurants can be in exchange for their safety.

Chicken VS Man mod apk

Build an army of chickens

A weird game, but it also reminds us of the habit of consuming meat. Thanks to the desire to be liberated, the chickens on the farm stood up to gather the army. Every army needs a leader. The commanders are the giant, muscular white chickens at Chicken VS Man. They go to each coop to call on the other chickens to fight. From the chick to the hen that lays the eggs, all are recruited into this war. The chicken revolution is not messy at all. Please help them set up combat units according to each mission. Thanks to that, each chicken can promote its ability and contribute to the fight.

Chicken VS Man android

Train your fighting ability

Chickens are known to be gentle animals. Their daily activities revolve around feeding and laying eggs. So, the health of these animals is not that great. Because of that, for the chickens on the farm to participate in combat, players need to focus on fostering and training them. The first is in terms of nutrition. Please adequately add foods and foods to keep the chickens healthy. Even the chicks need to be taken care of. Next, train the strength and endurance of your furry warriors with specific exercises. In addition, they also need to be familiar with the weapons so as not to be surprised.

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Confronting Humans

After all the preparations, it’s time for the chicken army to go to war. They will rush straight to the kitchen where their comrades were slaughtered. And the chefs also immediately ran out and refused to leave them alone. The confrontation between the two sides began without giving way to anyone. Chicken VS Man also provides the chickens with a variety of weapons. Perhaps, only you can see a chicken holding a gun in this game. In addition, they also have homemade tanks to carry the whole unit to battle. As a commander, you should know how to combine the skills that chickens have learned. That way, they can dominate the battlefield and knock down restaurants.

Chicken VS Man is a unique and funny entertainment game. The fight between the chicken and the chef symbolizes a rebellion. Through this, we see sometimes animals also know how to think. So, it would be great if we treated them well. This contributes to the harmony between humans and animals in nature. Download Chicken VS Man mod and help the chickens fight to avoid being fried in oil.

Download Chicken VS Man MOD APK (Unlimited skill upgrade) for Android

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