Cat Simulator 5.4.1 MOD APK (Unlocked pets and pet skins)

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NameCat Simulator APK
Publishermobile apps ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlocked pets and pet skins
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Imagine you are a cat and can do whatever you like. That is the content of the Cat Simulator. This cat simulator game takes players into the worldview of a cat. You will do all the actions this adorable hairy species does daily. Run around and catch mice everywhere. You are breaking expensive items in the house, causing trouble for everyone. Of course, no one will be able to do anything to you because you are such a lovely cat. And so we are constantly harassing everywhere like any other cat. So there’s a whole list of tasks a cat has to do and that you have to do to get a meal.

Cat Simulator mod

Download Cat Simulator mod – Try to be a real cat

It can be said that Cat Simulator is one of the unique simulation games ever because it gives us a chance to experience the life of a cat. The world has always been the same for humans, and nothing has changed. But the world becomes more extensive and enjoyable when you become a cat. We can move anywhere in the city. Go to any area you like to do quests, earn money or annoy busy people. Being a cat doesn’t mean there’s nothing for you to do. Along with that are meaningful stories about animal protection and plans to adopt each animal.

Of course, you don’t just run around and cause nonsense. A task list will be sent to rely on our cute cats. The missions will require you to move and interact a lot. Be prepared if you can’t stretch out and sleep all day. The cats in Cat Simulator are more complicated than you think and will create surprises. Although those surprises always come with messing things up. But because they’re cute, they’ll always be forgiven. That is one reason that Cat Simulator is so attractive and popular with gamers of all genders and ages.

Cat Simulator mod apk

Unlock new areas

In the first stage, your cat hangs around in a dull house. But when we do a few specific tasks, we will unlock new areas for them. The door will be opened, and you will start moving outside. It was a whole new world that a cat had never seen before. Many buildings and people are working non-stop. Go to swimming pools, restaurants, soccer fields, and even the city outskirts if you qualify to unlock that area. Each area is full of people. And, of course, the missions are waiting for you to complete. So we will know what the specific tasks are in the next section.

Cat Simulator mod apk free

Mission and friends

A cat also has a whole list of honourable duties that it needs to do. At a superficial level, it will be around moving through many different buildings and areas, for example, searching for lost objects or any person and shopping in the supermarket like a cat. It’s entirely possible as long as you have enough money to do it. Sometimes there will be urgent missions, asking the cat to rescue other animals in trouble. For example, the dog is stuck in the door of the neighbour’s house. The mice have a hard time because they don’t have enough food. They will become the cat’s friend and help the cat with other tasks.

Cat Simulator mod free

Discover a new place to live

Your autonomy is so high that even if you are a cat, you can still buy a house in Cat Simulator. Going through a lengthy quest list gives you fun and exciting rewards like food or decorations. There is also a large amount of money to buy for yourself. Usually, we want to go to the supermarket and buy some of our favourite items. Then why can’t you buy a giant house? The house will include furniture of your choice, a swimming pool and very modern installed systems. Although just a cat, you will be no different from the real giants.

Cat Simulator free

The life of a cat is both a big and great adventure. The complete opposite of a day-night sleep as people think. Cat Simulator is a fun experience with many players when playing as one of the loveliest creatures in the world. Perform quests and find animal friends. Becoming the lord of the whole city is the ultimate goal in the Cat Simulator mod.

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