Cat Museum 1.1.1 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Full game/Deluxe Skins Unlocked)

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NameCat Museum APK
Publisher751Games Co., Ltd.
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Full game/Deluxe Skins Unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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A horror puzzle game that is scary but will bring players to the attraction and desire to be answered. Cat Museum is appreciated for its somewhat creepy graphic style. But that is what creates the artistic beauty and builds the atmosphere for the game. Accompany the mysterious cat guarding the mysterious museum. Unveil the truth behind challenging puzzles and require a high level of application. If you don’t understand what’s happening inside the Cat Museum, experience it now. Or continue with me to briefly introduce this journey of finding this hair-raising secret. Puzzle horror is the genre of the Cat Museum.

Cat Museum mod

Download Cat Museum – Puzzle in the spooky museum and search for the truth

The story of the Cat Museum puts you in the role of a protagonist of unknown origin. Only know that he happened to be given a strange museum manager job. This museum always has a caretaker cat inside it. At first glance, nothing is out of the ordinary. Will this be a tedious job next to the somewhat strange cat? Of course not. When you first start working, there will be a lot of strange events happening. The atmosphere inside the museum began to become frighteningly dark. The motionless pictures now feel like they want to suggest something to the main character. Things are so vague that there’s no way to describe them.

You and the cat inside the museum are adventure throughout the game. In a way, the scale of the museum has become endless. The deeper you move inside, the more bizarre items you will come across that shouldn’t be on display. And even more dangerous is the appearance of mysterious creatures. Of course, they are not friendly, and you should not try to get used to them. Run as fast as you can, or use anything to block their way. Unlock many hidden areas, and complete the quiz to find the way out. Those are the invisible puzzles that Cat Museum challenges you to solve.

Cat Museum mod apk

Immerse yourself in artistic beauty

It must be recognized that the design inside the museum makes a strong impression on players. The developer has based on many paintings and art styles that have existed in the history of the world. All combine to create images, patterns on the walls, objects… These have contributed to the perfect setting of the game. The drawing is also classic, light but somewhat dark, creating obsession. Indeed when you first enter the game, you will have a moment of wavering and admiring the way the puzzles are completed. But don’t be too distracted to leave everything behind. Instead, prioritize getting out of danger first.

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Smart puzzle construction

Everything inside the Cat Museum can be a puzzle. There are no guidelines for you to recognize or answer them. It all comes from the player’s self-discovery. Walking in a museum doesn’t make you curious, but do you want to touch everything? The objects in the game are interactive. Some of them will activate or contribute to solving the puzzles you are facing. Avoid dangerous creatures, open a locked door, fulfill the request of mysterious entities… All of them are puzzles in the Cat Museum. You will need to perform some action, for example, find a large object blocking the way or find a key or a thing to solve a puzzle.

Cat Museum mod free

The cat guarding the museum

It seems that all doubts and theories will fall on the cat. Why is it here? What will it contribute to the main character? Why is it with him? What is the existence of this cat and this museum? A series of questions appear but cannot be answered if you do not complete the game. Is this cat just a service and suggestion for your puzzles? Its role is much more significant than that. The cat is the soul of this whole game. Whatever it is, it will accompany you and leave an unforgettable memory on your escape from this museum.

Cat Museum free

The beauty of art is a unique highlight of Cat Museum for anyone who comes into contact with this game for the first time. Puzzles need to use many complex tricks. Surely Cat Museum mod will take a lot of your time if you want to complete it. But that won’t be wasted time when the whole game is already art. A logical approach to get you started with the mystery horror puzzle genre.

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