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Princesses and princes are probably in the childhood of most of us. Their beauty, talent and excellence always make children crave and adore them. Moreover, there must have been little girls and boys who also dreamed of living in a magnificent big palace. However, are these splendours always present? At first glance, the royal family seems happy with the wealth in their hands and servants every inch. However, they also have to shoulder significant responsibilities. It is the responsibility of the future and the fate of an entire kingdom. If you want to know more about this, let’s explore the game Castle Story produced by Jessica Davis.

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Download Castle Story mod – Help the princess renovate the castle

Castle Story is a new game released in October 2022. It will take players to a context that countless people dream of. It was a huge castle where the whole royal family lived and worked. However, the main character in this story is not the king – the ruler of the country or the prince – the potential successor. Because there is someone with another critical task that needs your help, can you guess who? Now, let’s get acquainted with Princess Alice – who is passionate about the most beautiful things in this castle. Alice was given the great responsibility of completing the refurbishment of this old castle. You will help Alice through solving challenging puzzles.

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Alice’s family castle has countless rooms. However, after a few incidents, many spaces have become messy. Moreover, through many years of attachment, this castle has somewhat deteriorated and become a little ugly. So, come and join Alice in renovating it. Through Castle Story, your interior design possibilities will be unleashed. Use the aesthetic you have to make it more luxurious and cozy. During the quest, the player will be revealed about other castle mysteries. Besides, you also know more about the past glory that Alice’s family once had. If done well, maybe Alice will have a chance to become queen.

Castle Story mod apk

Go through challenging puzzles

To renovate the castle, Alice must first solve puzzles. That way, she would be able to release her magic. They are efficient skills in the beauty process here. Castle Story players must solve puzzles by arranging and swapping puzzle pieces. It’s like a match 3 puzzle. The items obtained will all be necessary during the castle’s renovation. For example, it could be a teapot, bell, or book. Depending on each game screen, the requirements for collecting items will be different and more diverse. In addition, players can take advantage of several enhancement items, including interchangeable gloves or magic hammers.

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Meet new friends

It was difficult for an entire castle to put on new clothes with just Alice’s hands. She needs a lot of other help. So who will do it? As the plot progresses, Castle Story players will meet many royal characters. It could be a dignified and aristocratic king. You can also be a funny chef. Everyone has their room. Therefore, they will assist Alice in making the castle both beautiful and convenient. Moreover, there may be a handsome and talented prince. He will be the companion and help Alice find the glory for the family as well as a hidden treasure.

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Create a luxurious garden

With Castle Story, design isn’t just about the interior. This was a palace and needed more grounds than rough brick walls. Solve every level to help Alice unlock new locations. Many areas need her hand. For example, players can create a garden in front of the lobby for people to roam. It can become an attraction every time someone passes through the castle. At the same time, visitors to the royal family also have a good impression of a neatly manicured garden. Adding a cool green fountain is nothing better. Every day, the prince and princess can walk hand in hand around the campus, enjoying their achievements.

Castle Story is a puzzle game integrated into an exciting story. Players can infiltrate a magnificent castle to help the princess with essential tasks. Through Castle Story, you can show off your super design skills. But before using the aesthetic eye, let’s take advantage of IQ to swap and arrange the puzzle pieces. The more items collected, the more things to decorate the castle. Download Castle Story mod and turn the court into splendour.

Download Castle Story MOD APK (Menu PRO/Free shopping) for Android

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