Captain Hero 1.28.0 MOD APK (Unlimited money/Dumb enemy)

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NameCaptain Hero APK
PublisherSuperhero Academy
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Captain Hero demonstrates the ability to survive with the power of a superhero. You will act like a hero, Spiderman or Ironman, with complete special skills. Save the world from dangerous criminals who are attacking people. Superheroes from comic books excite players when they are incarnated as this unique character. New perks and superpowers are constantly updated to serve the battle. The stormy revolution has challenged you; you must seize this opportunity to assert your position. Defeat all hostile forces, and reclaim the world from the malicious plots of criminals.

Captain Hero mod

Download Captain Hero mod – Become a mighty super-fighting hero

The United States city is experiencing an incident involving criminals. They have made the police force and army lose their quality; no one can resist them. It would help if you took action in time to mobilize superheroes to support and try your best for peace. Make endless attacks, and set big goals to conquer. Please interrupt the plan the criminal is executing; if you do not stop in time, you will suffer significant losses. Prepare fully equipped to be ready for a confrontation with the enemy anywhere. In the air or on the ground, you have to make fierce battles; participating in it, you will never escape.

The mission to protect the universe is increasingly urgent; the future is in your hands. The epic powers of superheroes are the best way to handle crises. Defeating evil bosses and creating a position in your favor is an advantage. Consolidate strength through different levels, and speed up the battle. The city has suffered too much from the oppression of crime; the situation is no longer suitable. Expensive footage for performances before the enemy will be saved by Captain Hero. Players have enough playing field to express themselves and strengthen their strength. Continuously upgrade to get the best results for different competitions.

Captain Hero mod apk

Exploiting new skills

Blockbuster battles will be made as soon as possible. Captain Hero collects all the skills of Spider-Man and Iron Man. Punches, acrobatics, and spins are all recreated to your style. Accumulating experience through matches is also a way for you to hone your skills. Use the counterattack icons in the right corner of the screen to make your superhero powerful. Just with five functions: punch, kick, turn, bomb, and iron shield in hand, you have the perfect performance. Combine new skills with well-tuned weapons, and you’re sure to become a champion shortly.

Crime handling

The criminals in Captain Hero are acting so that the whole city explodes. A great revolution requires many special powers from the hero. You will perform the battle day and night, the most difficult to face. The powerful forces are invading more and more; if not stopped in time, people only have a way to die. Will epic superpowers have enough scope to deal with these particular phases? The power you possess is only in theory; the practice is highly effective or not depends on the level of the player. Try to defeat them to be honored in future battles.

Captain Hero apk

Possessing the ultimate weapon

Using pistols, the katana will still be the preferred choice for superheroes. Terrifying shots or dodging the opponent’s bullets all depend on the weapon. Your jewelry collection needs to be carefully prepared and not neglected in this category. Super wars have broken out, and having a good foundation will be favorable. Unlocking skills and weapons takes time, so consider it carefully. The perfect combination of these two vehicles will produce a fiery battle. Cultivate the robust and supported skills of the supreme weapon; it’s fantastic. The opponent is ready, you need to get on the gun, make the first shot, and the match begins.

Captain Hero made it a priority to save the city from crime. This priority will help people preserve their lives. When you have enough strength, strength, and skills, it’s not too late to fight. Haste and defective equipment will not bring good results and leave dire consequences. Pay attention to your strength and improve your intelligent tactics. The decisive blows make the opponent fear; catching their weakness is the best. Download Captain Hero mod, and become a superhero with significant influence with witonime city.

Download Captain Hero MOD APK (Unlimited money/Dumb enemy) for Android

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