Campus: Date Sim MOD APK 2.65 (Free shopping)

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NameCampus: Date Sim APK
PublisherAmrita Studio
MOD FeaturesFree shopping
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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A date with charming, beautiful schoolgirls on Campus: Date Sim. The game will let you meet and chat with your favorite girl. This will be the ideal place for boys to approach and get to know the person they love. Learn more new skills, communicate with girls. They always show up and are ready to start a good relationship. Players will have to make them capture her heart and emotions. Quickly build affection, find half of the world for yourself.

Campus Date Sim mod

Download Campus: Date Sim mod – Reach out to pretty girls

These three female students drew attention with their beautiful appearance, attracting all eyes. Each person will have a different personality that players need to learn. Start with familiar messages, fun conversations. Observe the other side and have many distinct feelings. When you make her love and passion, then you have succeeded. Write a love story for yourself, accompany the person you love. The journey to conquer female students will also bring many exciting things. Reveal your mind, feelings and act according to the call of the heart. Find your own half of the world, accompany you on the path of love.

Campus Date Sim mod free

Campus: Date Sim will take you to the campus, where the girl is often present. Here, the first acquaintance conversation will also take place. Three girls with three completely different personalities will give players their own experiences. Participate in all activities, games together. Create more opportunities to get to know each other better. It can be said that dating games are attracting more and more gamers. It provides an entertaining atmosphere and a place for people to find their own love. Exchange and make friends with lovely girls at school. The game publisher has brought a new breath to this game theme. From the game mode to the way to build the character, all are carefully invested, not disappointing gamers when choosing.

Campus Date Sim mod android

Meet the girls

Campus: Date Sim with 3 beautiful girls will be the object that players need to approach. They are shown with a very personal, luxurious appearance, with great charm. Players will take on the role of controlling the male character. Maintain this relationship with each character that will appear in the game. Depending on the person, you will need a different way of flirting. Yes, she will love to be given gifts, sometimes just through skillful words, affection has also scored plus points. Meet and interact with each other, creating lively conversations. Use your skills and all of your experience to make them fall in love. Respond to each other through each line, learn everything about the other person. Using intelligence, flirting to get great affection from 3 girls.

Campus Date Sim mod apk

Join the game

After meeting and getting to know, the player can also start with some games with the girl. Dialogue chat with the selected girl, with the main dialogue options to get the victory. The game will take place at the specified time, and the results will be based on the ability, the action you perform. Through playing this game, you will be able to talk to the girl you love. Have the opportunity to interact and approach one or more girls in each play. Try to build to get the best finish. Win a bonus after every win. Become the winner in the journey to conquer every girl’s heart.

Campus Date Sim mod download

Interesting conversation

Start with a story through text messages. Express all emotions and feelings so that the other person can feel. The exchange goes to the locations that the player wants. Ask questions to the girl, questions that remain. The other party will be ready to communicate with you, always bringing many exciting stories. As a guy who pursues girls, bring out all his talents so that they won’t be able to leave. Get a romantic relationship, lots of impressive conversations.

Let’s start with dates with pretty girls. Make a strong impression with your talent, make every girl fall in love with you. Searching for the ideal dating places, capturing all hearts. Download Campus: Date Sim mod exciting love story with schoolgirls.

Download Campus: Date Sim MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android

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