Call of Battle 2.8 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Immortal/Free buy box)

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NameCall of Battle APK
PublisherShooting Target & Hunting FPS Game
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Immortal/Free buy box
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Call of Battle is a place for players to participate in the shooting challenge. Make precise aiming and take down all formidable opponents. Call of Battle opens many thrilling levels, allowing players to challenge themselves. Join the war with the gun in hand, step by step destroys the enemy. Show each combat skill and make the opponent quickly fall. Each opponent will also always create dangerous counterattacks that you need to face. Challenge all enemies, quickly get the victory after each match. Continuously create dangerous shooting phases, causing all enemies to receive death.

Call of Battle mod

Download Call of Battle mod – Destroy enemies with precise aiming

Being based on FPS Commando Missions, the game has brought attractive gameplay. This is a game for those who love shooting, attacking opponents by aiming accurately. Lots of different challenging stages at each level. Start entering fierce raids, quickly dodging counterattacks from the enemy. Action combined with tight defence, do not fall into a dangerous situation. The enemy will also not stand still for you to destroy quickly, always creating tremendous pressure. Move and perform all actions secretly, making it impossible for the enemy to stop in time. In addition to skills, tactics are also a way to make facing challenges no longer an obstacle.

Call of Battle mod free

Set foot on a fierce battlefield where death can happen at any time. The ability and tenacious fighting will help you achieve the desired achievements. As one of the warriors who play an important role in the attack, fight with all your might. The initial difficulties are just a challenge of the player’s will. Become the ultimate shooter, decide to fight in all fierce arenas. Prevent any counterattack, utilize all the power and strategy in each shot. Come to Call of Battle and enjoy the thrilling gun battles right away!

Call of Battle mod apk

Join single player mode

Players will alone fight the enemy on all fierce fronts. Rivals also begin to appear as you move, opening up dramatic battles. Observe quickly and execute, aiming to attack soon. Enjoy each battle, transform into a talented warrior. Every action that you do has a direct impact on the battle process. Participate in every level of play and face formidable opponents. Call of Battle will let you show your shooting style with your own style. Attack at any range, from the closest to the furthest. Offline game mode brings many exciting and dramatic stories. Each stage that is opened will also bring great experiences. Aim at all angles with precision, causing all enemies to receive a satisfactory death.

Call of Battle mod android

Various guns

Referring to shooting games, you cannot ignore the gun collection. Call of Battle has provided a wide range of guns with many different types, making strong damage. Choose to use on a case-by-case basis for the best results. Sniper guns, rifles, cannons… are all supporting weapons in each attack. After completing each mission, you also have the opportunity to unlock more new guns. Collect more new guns and increase the power to confront the enemy. Each type of gun has its own function and destructive power for players to choose from. For enemies at close range, use a shotgun to kill. Sniper all enemies at a distance to reduce the danger of enemies close by. In each case, make the optimal choice to win quickly.

Disable the enemy

The goal of fighting in the arena is to destroy the enemies. Attack their bases, make surprise raids. The number of opponents will also increase, there is great power to fight you. Use all your strength and inherent experience to make the opponents quickly lose. To achieve that result, players also need to face many dangers. Sometimes, you will also encounter failures and do not rush to give up on your goals. Accumulate more experience after each loss, strengthen the way of fighting to overcome all challenges. Download Call of Battle mod shooting battle to attack enemy forces.

Download Call of Battle MOD APK (Menu PRO/Immortal/Free buy box) for Android

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