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Do you like an idle game without using the strategy? Now, there are countless options for users to use when they want to relax and entertain. However, sometimes that diversity makes it challenging to make decisions. Shooting games are too familiar. Match three puzzle games are nothing new. The tower defense games you’ve all tried. So what will be the next option? If you do not have the answer, let us help you. Today, I would like to introduce to users a brawl game released in August 2019. It is a Brawl Masters game produced and developed by the Happymonkey company.

Brawl Masters mod

Download Brawl Masters mod – Join the fight simple and easy

Brawl Masters is developed according to the fighting action game genre. This game simulates the chaotic scenes of city brawls. The reason for calling it chaos is that the characters participating in the fight are incredibly diverse. It could be a cowboy, a robot, or anthropomorphized sausages and watermelons. You will have to fight everyone who rushes towards you. With Brawl Masters, players only need to swing their weapons to fight. You will finish off the enemy with each of your attacks. Depending on your control, the characters can hover in the air or touch the ground. In this game, you need to touch to help the character move.

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Wherever your finger moves, the character follows. At the same time, the movement is also when you must attack the opponent. Right on top of the character will show a blue HP bar. You must not let this stat bar go to 0 if you don’t want your character to be sacrificed. If you want to preserve your life, take action with your opponent as soon as he appears. At the same time, you must avoid all their attacks. In Brawl Masters, you will achieve a combo when you hit the target repeatedly. The bigger the combo, the more your reward will be multiplied. Besides, you can track your progress and level up on the screen with the yellow bar.

Brawl Masters mod apk

Selection of funny characters

Brawl Masters brawls are never dull. Because, here, you can meet new people every day. Brawl Masters has up to 20 characters for you to own and control. They carry a variety of skills and display many different forms of combat. With Brawl Masters, a ball or a turtle can also fight powerfully. You have the right to change your warriors at different levels. And sure enough, later, the characters become even more special. Players can unlock many new characters to make this brawl party more juicy and vibrant. Find out who wants to join the fray.

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Multiple support weapons

Indispensable in brawls at Brawl Masters are special weapons. Accordingly, you can use more than 20 epic weapons here. It could be an angry missile, a laser gun, strangely shaped swords, or more. These items are a great helper to help you gain the upper hand in this city brawl. However, you must not own them immediately. There are advanced weapons that can only be unlocked when a certain level is reached. Let all opponents and ferocious bosses suffer the same fate – give up. Surely the matches at Brawl Masters can help you relieve all the stress.

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Increase combat power

How to choose the proper warrior for a match? Indeed you will have to consider a lot. In Brawl Masters, each character has a detailed information sheet about themselves. It includes the name and stats related to health and combat. Besides, you can also upgrade your characters. This can be traded through Brawl Masters coin trading. The cost for each upgrade is different. You can consider and calculate to use reasonable spending. Don’t be too frugal, as this can go a long way. Brawl Masters has more than 1000 levels for players to challenge every day. Trying new levels will help you understand your abilities.

Brawl Masters is a highly easy-to-play action game. You can control and win with just one finger. However, this game has elements of mild violence. Therefore, ensure you are seven years old when participating in the fight. In terms of graphics and sound, there is nothing to complain about with Brawl Masters. Everything is well thought out to create harmony in every experience. Download Brawl Masters mod and win the giant brawl ever.

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