Brave Frontier MOD APK (Menu PRO/Immortal/0 energy costs/65K Zel, Karma/Immortal)

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NameBrave Frontier APK
Publishergumi Inc.
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Immortal/0 energy costs/65K Zel, Karma/Immortal
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Ancient battles, the appearance of a series of enemies will be displayed in Brave Frontier. Participate in fierce fighting, destroy opponents. A vast world is opened up with chaos. Players will participate in these wars and rescue innocent people. A lot of battles take place for you to show your strength. All the people are in danger, and you will be the one to help them return to a peaceful life. Go to battle, go to enemy areas, attack them. Step by step wins, overthrow the plots that the enemy wants to carry out.

Brave Frontier mod

Download Brave Frontier mod – The battle to save the people

The mythical land of Grand Gaia is experiencing a conflict between gods and humans. This place has been repeatedly attacked by the gods, causing many dangers. People here always have to live in fear, can lose their lives at any time. The area has a lot of mysteries that are still being buried. The other gods will continue to perform actions to achieve their goals. In the face of such panic, a warrior would help stabilize this place. The player himself will play the role of a heroic savior, fighting all evil enemies.

Brave Frontier mod apk

The scale of the battle is quite spacious, creating many advantages for players to fight. Each enemy will also appear in battle, starting a tense confrontation. Build and gather heroes, forming a massive force to fight the enemy. Brave Frontier is one of those games with dramatic, new gameplay mechanics. Attract a large number of players by game modes, diverse missions. Players take on the role of a summoner, leading the army. Work closely with the soldiers to make the enemy fall step by step. Fight the fallen gods in the mythical land and many other regions. Move towards the opponent, destroy each enemy.

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Gathering heroes

To start the battle, the player will perform a hero selection. Brave Frontier has provided more than 400 powerful heroes, accompanying you in every match. They all have special abilities, fighting on many fronts. Based on each factor to choose a warrior to join the war. These are elements such as fire, water, earth, thunder, darkness, and light. Each warrior will have different attack methods and strengths. Their unique skills will create the most powerful attack combos. Some extraordinary heroes like Light and Dark will have extreme destructive power. To own this warrior, you need to win, participate in special events. But other heroes are equally powerful, leading them to start the battle, summoning more potential soldiers.

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Join the battle to destroy the enemy boss

Each battle will have 5 warriors and pets. Challenges and 100 different missions will be brought by Brave Frontier. Face many evil bosses, powerful, do everything to kill them. This will be the time for players to show their authority and ability to lead the army. Give strategies, many new attack ways to deal with the enemy. Defeating all enemies is not an easy thing. The names can not fail to mention, like Mad God Zebra, Cardes the Malevolent… They are all dangerous enemies, creating mighty forces. Combining the Brave Burst feature and smart fighting style will help eliminate enemies quickly. Deal significant damage, reduce the risk of fighting. Many other features increase attack stats and health. Use in each match situation to achieve the desired result.

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Courage through PvP battles

Start in dramatic PvP battles, destroy many evil bosses. Each match will give players a different experience. Face the enemy, dangerous to complete the mission. This battle will gather many talented warriors, and they will fight with you, participating in many thrilling confrontations. Brave Burst also opens many events for players to join in. Move to all areas, dungeons, kill enemies. Command forces, divided into teams to fight opponents. Unlock new challenges, levels of play with countless rewards waiting for you ahead. Download Brave Burst mod to fight to save people from danger.

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