Boxer Clicker MOD APK 1.3.4 (Unlimited money)

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NameBoxer Clicker APK
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From unknown to world boxing champion with Boxer Clicker. It is a very long journey that you will experience yourself in this game. Use every method to turn an ordinary person into a boxer. Go through the heavy lifting and carry the highest standards. Then confidently enter boxing tournaments and give your opponents quality knocks. The day you become the champion will surely come only if you work hard and master the critical tactics. Boxer Clicker has a lot of good factors that help players find the weak points of their opponents. Focus on exploiting the individual strengths and tactics of the enemy to win.

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Download Boxer Clicker mod – Get the title of boxing champion

Boxer Clicker has two gameplay for you to improve your skills. The first is training with sandbags in the gym. Next, tap the screen so that the character punches the sandbag continuously. Then, your amount will be increased. From there, we can upgrade his strength and skills. Boxer Clicker has milestones to show your strength at the moment. From the first milestone, an amateur to a professional must go through a lot of practice. Most of the time in the game, you will press the screen continuously to increase the amount of money. It will not be boring because you do it to upgrade your skills to make yourself stronger.

There are two main stats you need to focus on in character. First, it is the amount of red health and blue stamina. The amount of health represents your life force in battles. When it comes to training, it doesn’t matter much. But when fighting, it will be similar to fighting games. You and your opponent attack each other continuously until one side’s health bar is completely depleted. Stamina is used to create consecutive sequences of moves. Depending on the length and complexity of the action, it will consume a little or a lot of energy. And when you run out of life, you can punch with a simple fist. Keep the amount of fitness stable so that you always have the initiative in the matches.

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Focus on indicators

The amount of money you get when practicing with sandbags has a specific reason because you will use them to upgrade the skills and strengths of the main character. Increases damage from your punches to your opponent. Increased mobility for more flexibility in matches. Increased endurance keeps you in a more energetic state than your opponent. There are also skill upgrades, but they cost a lot of money. Save and upgrade them when entering essential matches. Your opponent will be surprised by the speed and power you achieve. Hard training is the key to winning and becoming the strongest.

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Innovate to win

Players can choose from a few changes to the character’s competitive outfit in Boxer Clicker. The shorts, sneakers, and boxing gloves are always made in sets with exciting themes and colors. All are in the shop and are purchased with diamond units. Something that is not too difficult for you to earn through victories in many tournaments. Don’t just wear the same clothes. Boxer Clicker also gives you the freedom to combine many colors of the costumes. Instead, please create your unique version and show it off in matches. These skins do not give the character strength. They’re just something to boost your fighting spirit.

Boxer Clicker mod free

Raise the position on the leaderboard

Most players focus on tournaments in Boxer Clicker, which are casual matches. The scale of games is quite diverse in a region, a country, or the whole world. Here you will encounter many other talented players. Their rank will determine the level of these players, with attack speed and extremely agile attack sequence. The ability to control the match is great to not give the opponent any chance to counterattack. This is also an opportunity to put your name on the big charts. Rank rewards are also exclusive, so only champions can own them. So, what are you waiting for without entering the most extreme boxing tournament?

Boxer Clicker free

Find your perfect play style to beat the heavyweights. Train hard to earn money and upgrade skills to become stronger and stronger. Boxer Clicker prioritizes hard work to get the best foundation strength. From there, focus on the matches in the exciting season. Defeat your opponents with your insanely fast sequences. Become a legendary boxing champion in Boxer Clicker mod.

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