Boobs vs Aliens 1.0.8 MOD APK (Menu PRO//Dumb enemy/Free upgrade)

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NameBoobs vs Aliens APK
PublisherRed Peach Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO//Dumb enemy/Free upgrade
SupportAndroid 4.4+

The battle between humans and alien invaders inside Boobs vs Aliens has broken all limits ever. Join and create your strongest army of warriors. It would help if you had many tactics and resources to defeat these alien enemies. Combined with factors related to body development, the game becomes more and more attractive. Collect many human warriors with extraordinary abilities. Not one but many warriors will fight together on the battlefield. If you have enough time to see them, respond to the alien army as quickly as possible.

Boobs vs Aliens mod

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Brings the unique story of an alien race that is jealous of humans. With their potential, they came and invaded the earth with many elite armies. But clearly, humans are not creatures that can give up easily. We have so many warriors that even they do not know their mission. Because the characters in Boobs vs Aliens all have a unique ability of their own, combine with each weapon to create a warrior with the power to drive away from the enemy. Each fight in Boobs vs Aliens requires you to use any unique strategy. Although it is not too tricky, just using it a little wrong can also loss.

Boobs vs. Aliens uses turn-based combat mechanics in battles. So you will prepare a squad with a minimum of 3 warriors. Both allies and enemies will attack in turn. When any faction is wholly destroyed, the game will end. Things are not so simple when more effects affect the warriors’ strength. It could come from themselves or an alien legion. It will affect the first leg and the whole game a lot. So you have to calculate everything so that the match always ends with you killing all the enemies.

Boobs vs Aliens mod apk

Battle across regions

Aliens do not gather in one place. Instead, they divided and conquered many different places in the city. Your journey will begin in a neighborhood. Each neighborhood will be equivalent to several levels. Complete them to go to other areas that are still in danger. A boss will always occupy the last level of a site. Solve it with the warriors you’ve collected. Passing each area, we will be rewarded with different gifts. Be it money or items to upgrade their warriors or weapons. This journey will be very long, and your goal is to free the entire earth from invasion.

Boobs vs Aliens mod apk free

Hidden warriors

The human side will include characters with unique abilities. Or they have the skills to use military and biological weapons. A chart represents their source of energy and strength. You have to fill that chart with upgraded stored energy. It will take a lot of money and items to upgrade and evolve the warriors. Weapon systems can also be enhanced and broken through to many levels. The higher the level, the stronger the enemy will continuously evolve. If you do not increase your strength, you will lose time. Make sure you have enough power to start the fight and charge them when they’re exhausted.

Boobs vs Aliens mod free

Special skills are the key

In a battle, there will be humans and aliens fighting each other. Especially on the human side, there is also a particular skill system. It unleashes enormous power when activated and can only be used once in battle. That makes you want to use them in emergencies, possibly freezing enemies, so they miss an attack. Poison the enemy for continuous damage each turn. Increases health and shields exhausted warriors. These skills are extremely versatile. And each match can only bring one skill, so consider carefully who you are about to face.

Fighting with mechanics and designs that are old but not boring. What makes gamers most excited is the collection of characters and their many fascinating moments. Upgrade to fight against hordes of invading aliens. Boobs vs Aliens is a long-playable strategy game with a certain complexity. Do whatever you like to knock your enemies off the earth. Collect beautiful characters and help them become real heroes in Boobs vs Aliens mod.

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