Blade of Death MOD APK 1.0 (Menu/Unlimited money)

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NameBlade of Death APK
PublisherGlobal Joy Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Blade of Death challenges you between the fragile boundary, life, and death close together. You incarnate the hero of the night, destroy the monsters, they are rampant in this world. The space you conquer is covered with the characteristic black color of mysticism. The times of fierce resistance made you fall into a deadlock and many failures, but you did not give up. No matter how scary monsters are, they must go, so they focus all their energy on weapons to attack them. Types of power need to be accumulated to serve you this long way. This lonely world is so pitiful, humanity is being crushed, please save them.

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Download Blade of Death mod – Conquer the scary night

Thrilling scenes are arranged with scary episodes. Have you ever competed in such a place? Blade of Death wants to push the gloom to the top so that players can feel the intrigue from the opponent. The light is dim, only when you use your strength will this place light up. The matches bring the most authentic feeling, confront the strong to challenge yourself. The character has the right to choose where to fight, the type of weapon, and the energy to give to the opponent. How important is your strategy here? Terrible enough for the opponent to hold their breath? The skill can be improved in the future after tripping in the dark many times.

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The horror you are experiencing only happens when no monsters appear. They also escape hiding in the dark to scare players. When you start fighting for the first time, you can also calm yourself down and integrate into the race. At this point, the fear almost disappeared, replaced by resentment. So you must have that feeling to fight fiercely. Both sides do not give each other any life path, that’s what you want. Also do not want to be easily conquered and bear the trade-off. Conquer this entire dungeon, and create for yourself the longest life path.

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Powerful weapon

Giant super hammers and sharp swords are all optimal weapons to use. Those things can all be upgraded according to the progress you play. From small weapons to big and powerful weapons, you can take them to battle. The opponent has different energy at each level, so they are flexible in using weapons. Slash everything, from minions to bosses. The space is dark, but it doesn’t dampen your spirit, instead, it’s the most burning battle. An entire arsenal of weapons is always ready to serve and reward you. Try to win to own various weapons, which change with each level.

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Combined strength

Your hero is empowered by Blade of Death with unique energies. You can soar, sweep opponents from afar, and jump to dodge their slashes. Or use magic to attack them, and a stream of power will appear. Or even your sword contains its kind of power. Every time you use them strongly, they are promoted. Note that it must be used in case of need, not always pulled out to fight. Those energies help you not need to get close to the opponent and still destroy. A flexible combination of these tricks turns yourself into a true superhero.

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Giant tycoon

Blade of Death is a playground for monsters to grow, they want to take over you. These adventure monsters take over the crowd while you are alone. That’s not too unfair because this is the challenge you want to conquer. Bosses possess quality courtiers, minions are not average. Players fight in turn or simultaneously with those minions. They also can fly, jump, and run flexibly, so be careful. At the end of the road, you will have a boss waiting, slow down a few seconds to recover. Don’t joke about that giant monster, just one pedal is enough for you to fly, so use all the power you have to fight to the end.

Blade of Death opens up many majestic spaces hidden deep in the darkness. The scene with the nature of the field is the inspiration for the game regarding design. Everything must be a bit ghostly to be suitable for this battle situation. An orthodox dungeon is opened, and you also gradually explore on your own. Pass each goal to get the right to unlock the following playing field. Conquer until you no longer have enough energy, but don’t bot the game in the middle. Instead, use the shortcuts on the right side of the screen to steer your hero in the right direction possible. Download Blade of Death mod, unleash the ultimate fighting skills to quell the monsters.

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