Blade Master 1.5.0 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlocked VIP, everything)

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NameBlade Master APK
PublisherBadsnowball Limited
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlocked VIP, everything
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Blade Master controls the mischievous cat to explore exciting music rhythms. If you want to own an intelligent cat who loves music, this is the game for you. The catchy beat made the space busier, and the lyrics resounded and stirred the entire city. Players dance to different music, play gas, and forget the way home. Break the mysterious music blocks, and clear the way for the cat to run while ensuring the sound. It would help if you constantly touched the squares not to miss any notes. Just play for real, conquer many great songs and take your cat deep inside the musical universe.

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Download Blade Master mod – Enjoy addictive tunes

Blade Master challenges you to beat the music and break the notes to write a good song. The vibrant rhythms make you stand still, combined with the cat’s running action. The speed is fast or slow, depending on the player’s ability to touch the notes. There will be short and snappy but sometimes profound; your chosen song will challenge you  Focus on listening to each message to control the cat to run in the right direction. Just hold and drag Sonic Cat to be able to move to the rhythms. Feel many new songs gradually seep into your head so you can quickly catch up with the rhythm of the music.

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The track with the music is long, and you need to speed up to enjoy it in time. Don’t miss any melody that makes the song incomplete. Many challenges pose for you but don’t forget to enjoy music because this is your hobby. Follow the rhythm to break the block; each is split into two as the musical note is played. Just like running in square blocks, your song is done. The player’s main task is breaking the notes to feel the whole piece. The sensitivity of your hands also increases with level, your musical sensitivity is also upgraded, and many challenges will come from there.

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Challenge with many new songs

Blade Master updates new songs and trending hot hits on the chart. Besides, all genres of music appear here for you to explore. The number of pieces is large; just afraid you are not strong enough to conquer. There will always be music you love; pick one and start the challenge. The music plays when the mission begins, don’t waste your chosen songs. Each turn corresponds to a complete piece, try to make it right and don’t miss it. Unlocking new tunes is also on your quest, giving you a chance to hear more and fueling your love for more top-notch music.

Blade Master apk

Musical note slashing weapon

As initially stated, you must use weapons to destroy rigid blocks of music. Blade Master equips many swords in the system. Players will unlock a variety of disruptive equipment to complete their challenges. At higher levels, you will have to use them more, so upgrading should also be considered. Bring weapons into the game, slashing the musical notes to complete the song. Explore many different types of firearms in this vast collection. With diverse colors corresponding to the power it brings. There is no waste when you try to collect weapons; let’s experience it!

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Unlock more space

When it comes to music, it also needs to be done on many different types of terrain. Each place will have other challenges for you to explore, going into every nook and cranny to appreciate the music. You will have to go through dark roads, but sometimes it is bright because of the light from the musical notes. Go through many different streets to see the special of each lane. Pass through tall buildings, cars, and even the narrowest of places. Conquering many music arenas will strengthen your play very well. You will get used to the challenges, so you will do well the next time you meet. Experience the reflective colorful 3D spaces, conquering each challenge in every match.

Blade Master brings music and experiences with you on many challenges. There is always music accompanying you, so you never feel empty. This is precisely what the game wants to achieve, using sound to relieve the stress of the mission. More songs are played, and the challenges also increase in difficulty. You carry a weapon, a long sword, to cut and cut various music blocks. Each time it hits, the note will sound until the song’s end. Download Blade Master mod, and do quests on vibrant music.

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