Big Hunter MOD APK 2.9.11 (Unlimited money)

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NameBig Hunter APK
PublisherKakarod Interactive
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Big Hunter carries out challenging hunts, making a living to survive daily. You are an ancestor who is starving due to a drought in the town. Where you are remote without any more restaurants or goods, you can use it to live. That’s why you choose to hunt animals to recharge your body. As protozoa, they are bigger than you think, but you must contend with them. When they are attacked, they will instinctively defend; you are also trying to kill them to get meat. Whether a tiny human like you can successfully hunt a wild animal, let’s wait and see!

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Download Big Hunter mod – Hunting animals in the forest to survive

Players make dangerous hunts because you can die at their hands at any time. Big animals can swallow you, so be careful. Even if you are an active hunter, you must also be on guard against possible dangers. The leader needs the courage to destroy wild animals in a tribe that seems to be starving to death due to drought. Only they can help you survive the great drought, those difficult days. Strong and fierce, choose sharp weapons to bring them down instantly. Hunt daily to earn a living for yourself and the tribe. Players will gradually get used to the operation of Big Hunter and find a way to hit faster.

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In each battle, you don’t have much time to hang out with wild animals. When you look down on them, that’s when they counterattack you, even in the last seconds. Players will use special moves to catch and create bait for them to trap. Shooting techniques also need accuracy, and their large bodies should have that endurance. You can play quickly with wooden animals on the first level. Going back later, higher levels mean you have to use more tactics. Larger animals appear one after another, and they are also defending themselves. Solve them quickly, don’t let regret happen to you.

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Flexible weapon change

Big Hunter has created a diverse collection of weapons for players to explore. Depending on the animal’s size, you have different ways of fighting, using flexible weapons. For example, can use axes, hammers, bows, and arrows; the sharpest objects are included in the list. The player can double or triple the amount of that weapon to use at once. That’s demonstrated by you using three bows and arrows to shoot at the animal instead of just one arrow flying at it. To experience that feeling, you must win the target first and collect new items to exchange weapons. Levels increase over time, so many different types will help you immensely.

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Giant protozoa

Wild animals have become a target for you when you have a large body. The bigger they are, the longer you can extend your survival time, so try to conquer. The beasts are fierce, but you have to deal with them calmly, making them lie down. Can fight with forest elephants, rhinoceros, crows, foxes, and giant animals that appear before your eyes. Without a definitive and continuous strategy, it will be impossible to destroy them. They scream when humans try to attack them. They get closer to you despite being subjected to many of your shots, inching and exploding as they reach the last seconds.

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Compete with other leaders

Big Hunter creates the playing field for the whole world; others are also fighting with you. Each manages their tribe, so they are all fighting for life. Fierce battles and intense battles between humans and animals are denser. Winning many matches can enter the leaderboard and become the champion. The tribe’s leaders are all experienced and talented in combat. Reaching many opponents, you will quickly accumulate more lessons and win more fun. With a variety of weapons, fight like real heroes.

Big Hunter specializes in hunting and fighting directly with wild animals in the forest. Many spaces for you to fight, day and night, are possible. The wars will not end if you can’t win any beast forever. Strong in each hit, fiercely and decisively when in dispute. Both are protecting themselves, so there will be no giving in. Stay alive in this town for as long as possible to experience more. Download Big Hunter mod to become a skilled hunter and save the tribe’s life.

Download Big Hunter MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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