Beat Shot 3D MOD APK 1.5.36 (God mode)

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NameBeat Shot 3D APK
PublisherAdaric Music
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Beat Shot 3D creates new tunes according to your favorite music; the whole world of music is waiting for you. Immortal songs from the past are present in this game, many surprises for you. Not too fussy, but this challenge eats up the sound, the melodies turn, and the game officially begins. You will realize many exciting things when participating, and there is a climax that makes you unable to catch up. Enjoy every moment you are here, relax to the rhythm, and create unique music. The note in the songs will be what you are running after, looking for it. Hover your mouse precisely to get the best piece for you.

Beat Shot 3D mod apk

Download Beat Shot 3D mod – Challenge on diverse music background

A music game, bringing singing to players, for those who are passionate about music, this is your chance to access many hits. Each turn will be harmonious to different songs, and you can choose your favorite song. The gameplay is minor but challenging you in skill and accuracy. Swipe your finger across the screen, and turn left or right to touch the bricks. The bricks seem to be rudimentary but poetic and emit sound. When you choose the card you want, press start, and enter the game, many challenges are set, but you can not stop your love for music, play hard.

The tracks are smoothly designed by Beat Shot 3D and placed in different situations. Sometimes the movement is lightning fast; sometimes, it is strangely slow. All those tunes make a complete piece of music, putting you to the test. That’s exactly how this game delivers, to the sounds and quests. The game levels also gradually evolved, and the group gradually increased over time. Later, if you are not quick and quick, it won’t be easy to pass. The masterpieces of art are all used by Beat Shot 3D and want players to conquer. You have to accumulate many points to exchange for more advanced levels.

Beat Shot 3D android

Break the music block

The player’s main task is to bump into square blocks containing musical notes to create sounds. When you touch them, you are completing a hit song. Players will use the most convenient one-finger tip to move on the screen. In such a surfing process, you must touch the music blocks in the correct sequence. If the player did not catch up and missed a few logs, then, unfortunately, you could not complete the song in the true sense. But your score can be saved if you do well in the past. The blocks will spread out along the way and move according to the rhythmic speed of the song you choose, unusually fast or slow.

Beat Shot 3D apk

Unlock new songs

Beat Shot 3D is a music game, so the appearance of the songs is an essential factor. You can feel each melody in those lyrics, breaking the negative space around you. New songs are continuously updated according to the trend, and even old songs are added to the list. Lots of choices for you; unlock each step to feel the melody. Players must collect coins and even treasure to create a stepping stone to expand their song. The journey to conquer new songs is quite long and can’t be done in a day or two. Players can also play back their favorite songs they have played before.

Beat Shot 3D mod

The ultimate play space

Beat Shot 3D invests in image and sound to create attractiveness for players. You not only enjoy the sparkling space but also listen to the song that you are passionate about. The play scene can be mountains, moonlight, and deserts. The colorful light of the music illuminates those charming landscapes, and they also move according to your ability to play. When you get to the chorus, the blocks start to accelerate, making you feel like you’re about to crash into the mountains. Realistic and eye-catching playing feeling has made players swept away by musical blocks.

Gentle or bloody music is all collected by Beat Shot 3D in the collection. You can’t play all the music that you have the opportunity to own all day. Get access to tons of new tunes by working through the gates daily. You are proving your ability to play music when you unlock many levels. You have to have a feel for the music to hit the right notes. Follow the displayed music and feel every note sound. At the end of a turn, you collect thousands of points; the more you have, the advantage. Download Beat Shot 3D mod and enjoy the music while touching the melody blocks.

Download Beat Shot 3D MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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