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Are you looking for a super-best shooting game but still confused? Let us give a perfect suggestion right here. If anyone wants to experience shooting in the sandbox world, BattleBox is the choice not to be missed. Released five years ago, but BattleBox never gets old. On the contrary, updates are regularly uploaded by the manufacturer ChaloApps. This brings the most up-to-date shooting trends and features to BattleBox. Perhaps that’s why this game received so many star reviews on Google Play. In addition, 5 million downloads are reputable enough to prove this sandbox game’s appeal. So let’s check it out with BattleBox.

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Download BattleBox mod – Join online shooting

BattleBox is a fun shooting game. However, it is not for children aged 12. However, this is not a limitation but also a plus. The fights become more intense thanks to a few elements of mild violence incorporated into the BattleBox. For ease of visualization, you can understand that BattleBox is a mixture of the shooter and online sandbox genres. The feature of sandbox games is to open up an endlessly creative world for users. First of all, you can explore the maps and fascinating lands that are available from the manufacturer. However, the player can also create her unique objects and objects.

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BattleBox knows how to please its customers. The multiplayer mode was born for players not be alone in a giant sandbox space. You and your teammates will work together on missions and companions on the battlefield. Not to mention in terms of skills, but the team’s solidarity is already a great strength. Besides the main task of attacking the opponent, do not forget to protect your teammates. Remind them when the enemy is approaching or intends to sneak attack. In the opposite direction, your teammates will also save you that way. They all want to survive to reach the common goal at BattleBox. Players can identify their teammates through the colour of their costumes and nicknames.

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Multiple opponents at the same time

There is a multiplayer advantage, but you must face many opponents simultaneously. In sandbox spaces arranged from simple to complex, enemies can jump from anywhere. Therefore, the essential thing at BattleBox is the ability to judge. Predict the enemy’s position and finish them off with one shot. You should also pay attention to the nooks and crannies because these are the ideal hiding places. If you want to update the status of teammates and opponents, pay attention to the left side of the screen. The BattleBox will tell you which character just died and who did it there. The names of the members of the two teams will be displayed in two different colours to distinguish them.

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Three separate modes

BattleBox creates three distinct game modes for users to experience. The first is a sandbox mode, where users perform tasks in enclosed spaces. The second is the deathmatch mode with intense shooting scenes. This can be considered the most stressful mode and causes many players to die. The final mode is team battle. There, you and your teammates will be competing against another army. Victory is determined when a team is destroyed. This team competition is equally stressful. Besides attacking and defending, keep an eye out for your fellow warriors. Each battle has a countdown timer for added tension and drama.

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Many beautiful weapons and items

Bringing the inclination of a sandbox game, BattleBox is constantly being created. You will come across a lot of unique items and items that are only available here. In terms of weapons, our shooters have many choices, from pistols to long guns. Even, BattleBox lets you make your special guns. Besides, the landscape is also built in diverse styles. Maybe a city on the beach with adjacent buildings. Sometimes an ancient stone citadel with a horse that looks like a Trojan horse. Even cars, tanks, planes and ships are available at BattleBox. BattleBox is like shrinking the whole world into it.

The title of the most exciting sandbox shooting game must be for BattleBox. A race of weapons and ammunition designed based on three engaging modes. Along with that, interesting maps will make your fun never dull. Don’t be afraid to try inventing your items and maps. Instead, download the BattleBox mod and shoot down every enemy in the sandbox world.

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