Ball Bounce – Freaking Island 1.4.4 MOD APK (Immortal)

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NameBall Bounce – Freaking Island APK
PublisherFanmob Studio
MOD FeaturesImmortal
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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If you have memories of ball control games on older phones, you should play this game. Ball Bounce – Freaking Island is a smartphone version and will bring you nostalgia. The game is about a ball’s journey through all the dangers to rescue his friends. The gameplay and adventure will be similar to the old versions in the past. Maybe it’s just the way the ball moves that makes all the difference. Its difficulty is also shown when more than 100 levels are in order. Each level is a step closer to the end and rescues your friends.

Ball Bounce Freaking Island mod

Download Ball Bounce – Freaking Island mod – Exciting adventure of the ball

There are three unique buttons for movement in the game. That is, move left, right and jump up. Because Ball Bounce – Freaking Island is designed in a classic arcade game style. You can only move left and right in a 2D direction very simply. Most of the game screen will move to the right to follow the right journey. Because the ball is very fragile, it will be vulnerable to many traps. Jump up and avoid dangerous spikes ready to attack you. If you let them touch you, you lose immediately. The higher the level, the more diverse the challenges and obstacles will be. Unlock a variety of strategies and intelligent moves to overcome.

The challenge of Ball Bounce – Freaking Island is in the form of a puzzle. You must move the ball to the objects and help them impact their surroundings. From there, open a new path or block the way of the enemy who is trying to attack you. The destination of all levels is a unique portal. You have to go into them to advance to the next level, which is not easy. In front of the destination are many obstacles and enemies. Requires you to show unique moves to activate shortcuts. Sometimes, you must rescue the balls in captivity to qualify through the level. The difficulty will be brutal to notice when you are just at the beginning level.

Ball Bounce Freaking Island mod apk

Addictive gameplay

Because it is based on many ball control games of old systems, ball Bounce – Freaking Island makes players feel nostalgic and drawn to the story. Remember how you used to love them in the past and play for a long time. That is only part of the way Ball Bounce – Freaking Island has many new features. How you move the balls to impact the environment changes more complex. Instead of going on a button, click to activate it. Now you must prevent enemies from approaching and solving puzzles in a specific order. Everything has logic and is applied to the game’s invisible mystery.

Ball Bounce Freaking Island mod apk free

Dangerous variety of enemies

The ball that heads with you is the newly added element. They are designed to look quite evil and represent the wrong side. In the plot, these balls are the culprits who kidnap the protagonist’s friends. The frequency of occurrence of dangerous balls will increase to high levels. There are unique characteristics for you to distinguish the enemy. One is a primary ball that has spikes and moves on the ground. Or, they will grow wings at higher levels and fly in the air. Thus, to pass the game screen, you must dodge or block them from approaching you. Sometimes it takes a diversion to free the hostages held in iron cages.

Ball Bounce Freaking Island mod free

Adventure support item

The main character’s journey is tricky when facing many diverse enemies. That’s why in each level, there will be support items. Collect time-stopping clocks to immobilize all enemies. You need to go straight to the finish line or free the hostages more easily. Collect gold coins to change the appearance and color of your ball. The adventure will be more impressive and new with a different look than the basic. The new skins don’t affect your strength or make you move faster. Just a unique experience in a childhood game.

Ball Bounce Freaking Island free

Move the ball bravely through many difficult obstacles and challenges. Act decisively to deceive the enemy. Rescue your imprisoned friends and complete hundreds of levels of Ball Bounce – Freaking Island mod. You will want to play this game if it’s a nostalgic gameplay experience. Download Ball Bounce – Freaking Island mod and take the ball to the journey’s end.

Download Ball Bounce – Freaking Island MOD APK (Immortal) for Android

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