AOD – Art Of Defense. TD MOD APK 2.9.2 (Unlimited money)

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NameAOD – Art Of Defense. TD APK
PublisherSateda Game Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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AOD – Art Of Defense. TD – a tower defense game with a thrilling storyline, has been released. Our blue planet is threatened with destruction very shortly. More than 70% of the earth’s inhabitants have been lost. The cause is heartbreaking because nuclear war leads to many terrible defeats. Behind this cruelty is the mysterious older adult – Ivil. This person silently merged many small gangs that operated scattered into a collective. Or rather an army of thugs. This group is actively searching for the Inola drawing – a long-forgotten project. Diligently looking for treasure, Ivil’s henchmen are robbed and killed innocently. It would help if you acted righteously.

AOD Art Of Defense. TD mod

Download AOD – Art Of Defense. TD mod – Defend your civilization

The inhabitants of the land of the earth are all in need of your help. It is of the utmost importance to protect the civilization we have built for centuries. To do this, install the defense tower system to be the most solid and most innovative. The design rules are up to you to decide. Choose a suitable tower location to stop the Ivil’s army. Make sure you find the Inola drawing before Ivil sees it. The same piece of paper but falling into each person’s hands will lead to a different outcome. Based on Inola, you can assemble a super-advanced machine to save humanity. But if the Ivil had it, doom would end this civilization.

AOD Art Of Defense. TD apk

Against Ivil, you and your army will participate in real-time battles. With over 500 fields and dynamics that combat brings, you certainly won’t be bored. AOD – Art Of Defense. TD allows your defensive organization to be trained and built. From placing towers, blocking enemy troops, merging buildings to using weapons are all decided by your mind. Don’t panic when enemies rush into the tower like crazy zombies. Instead, use all available skills to develop a plan to protect this base. The challenge may be unlimited, but so is your talent. Each level will gradually increase the difficulty but do not give up.

AOD Art Of Defense. TD mod apk

Modified diverse arsenal

AOD Armory – Art Of Defense. TD has a variety of rare items. The number of up to 1000 items is constantly updated for you and your army to use freely. Sure, good weapons will back you on the journey. Ivil’s army soon gave up in terror. Once you have weapons, you need to find ways to strengthen them. For example, increase the damage to the tank, the tower’s reload speed, or the nuclear bomb’s strength. There are also many other ways to attack damage, such as attacking ion satellites, ballistic barges, and rocket boosters … Find the unique cards to maximize the total capacity of the weapons you have.

AOD Art Of Defense. TD android

Unlock and upgrade heroes

In AOD – Art Of Defense. TD has six heroes waiting for you to discover. In particular, there is also a mighty cat. Try to do well to unlock them. With heroes accompanying me, my tower is more robust. You will unite them into the perfect team of heroes facing the villains of the Ivil. In addition, heroes can be upgraded to add more skills and strength. Finally, equip them with pistols, grenades, or rockets to intensify the fight. Because those six are for you to master and direct these clashes.

AOD Art Of Defense. TD apk free

Diverse modes and battle scenes

AOD – Art Of Defense. TD expands the battle space with more than 500 locations and scenarios. Players have a variety of options for designing their tower diagrams. The places of war can spread from small villages to largely abandoned megacities. Sometimes, the bombings were equally fierce in any jungle area. Accompanied by four creative battle modes for survival. For example, the new Tower Defense mode allows you to escape to save your life thanks to the dense fog. It can be said, AOD – Art Of Defense. TD contains all the advantages and features a tower defense game can offer.

Not only bringing countless attractive features, AOD – Art Of Defense. TD also has amazing isometric graphics. Not being connected to the Internet can’t stop you from participating in defending the empire from the Ivil and his army of thugs. Because of that, the game is known as the top tower defense game and must be tried. Download now AOD – Art Of Defense. TD mod and protect the peace, restore your civilization.

Download AOD – Art Of Defense. TD MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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