Antique Appraiser Match 3 1.0.63 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Turns)

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NameAntique Appraiser Match 3 APK
PublisherFinsight Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Turns
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Antique Appraiser Match 3 gives you an entertaining space with puzzles and feels the character line in each plot. You take everything most naturally, quickly role-playing to catch up on the details. Whether you are a male or female lead, whoever you are will bring certain uplifting emotions. Play their role and start participating in match 3 games, a familiar genre. The details are authentic, going into each player’s mind. Sweet voice, refreshing feeling that goes deep into every little story. From one development to another, understanding what the main character wants, and taking on the challenge.

Antique Appraiser Match 3 mod

Download Antique Appraiser Match 3 mod – Puzzle decoding challenge

The puzzle in Antique Appraiser Match 3 is to match 3, every 3 of the identical diamonds you can merge. This combination brings a high score depending on the number of diamonds you accumulate. You have received additional rewards or power energy from 4 similar tablets in a vertical or horizontal line. The challenges will go from easy to difficult levels, each round has a certain number of turns. This game is considered over when you spend all those plays and still do not meet the initial requirements. Players can retry up to 5 times, so please cherish every opportunity you have. Shorten the time it takes to solve puzzles to take on new challenges with the character.

Antique Appraiser Match 3 apk

The two characters grew up together, going through so many stories of attachment. But you must also fight for yourself to get the highest score and participate in the leaderboard. Successfully deciphering many puzzles, the ranks go up gradually. Each level is a random arrangement, there is never a duplicate. This is also what makes players feel free to explore and conquer themselves. Antique Appraiser Match 3 must offer difficulties and challenges to know the player’s level. Hundreds of levels are set up, go step by step, no need to rush but don’t let each screenplay over and over win continuously.

Antique Appraiser Match 3 apk free

Extra power

Antique Appraiser Match 3 sets out the rule from 4 stones, especially five diamonds of the same color arranged in a row, to receive power. Specifically, lightning bolts shoot out in all directions to remove the requested pellets. The number of tables per table will also increase the difficulty, so you are hard to satisfy without prior calculation. Solve puzzles, but you also need a clear strategy because the number of turns is limited. The game screen is constantly changing, if you do not maintain your form, it is difficult to overcome. Conquer a variety of powers to be idler in deciphering. The more complex the level, the stronger the breakthrough, let’s accept it.

Antique Appraiser Match 3 android

Feel the story

Each character has a different mind, and leaving out any detail is difficult to capture that mentality. The dialogue between the main characters needs to be controlled to ensure you understand the story. Antique Appraiser Match 3 is divided into several chapters for players to feel the details in order. Accompany from the first steps to understand the character line, so the new role-playing is complete. Discover together the unique types of stories and listening to the sweet voice of the narrator is even more extraordinary. Face real-life situations for each character. Unlock all chapters, players also have the right to transform that ending.

Antique Appraiser Match 3 mod apk

Play strategically

Antique Appraiser Match 3 treats the levels as one big stage. Its explosion is based on the player’s level, appearing with as much power energy as possible. A high score is inevitable when someone lays out a clear strategy with limited turns. It would be best if you honed it, maybe the first levels will be manageable, but later on, there is no such thing. The difficulty is as flexible as how you improvise to each situation. Aim for the possible possibilities to come up with the right plan. Difficult stages will leave you with valuable rewards, well worth conquering. Depending on the conditions of each stage, you will have great moves.

Antique Appraiser Match 3, and you enjoy the classic match 3 levels. With legendary gameplay, you can catch the trend right from the start. Your participation will be recognized by the number of points you achieve. The intense powers help quite a lot in your puzzle-solving. Find beautiful, clever gameplay and show your superiority. Actively have a specific direction even though each game is different. Tournaments are held regularly, try to compete. The journey to accompany the main character will take a long time, so prepare yourself mentally. Download Antique Appraiser Match 3 mod, and challenge the puzzle connecting diamonds of the same color.

Download Antique Appraiser Match 3 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Turns) for Android

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