Another World Hero 1.0.7 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Attack multiplier/Immortal)

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NameAnother World Hero APK
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Attack multiplier/Immortal
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Superhero characters will always fight for justice and righteousness. Bring peace to multiple planets and parallel multiverses in Another World Hero that simulates intense action battles. The battles between good and evil will continuously break out to find justice. With the details and thrills in each screenplay, this Another World Hero game brings. The game players will be playing the role of building their team of heroes. Do not hesitate to do whatever is in front of you in every journey through the other worlds. Always want to execute your justice through each battle journey. It’s not simple, but that gives the game players the ultimate attraction in fun times.

Another World Hero

Download Another World Hero mod – Fight through planets and universes

The universes in this simulation game called Another World Hero are being attacked by monsters and threaten the safety of all humanity. Understand the noble mission to which the game player himself will be given. Immersing yourself in intense battles is intense and engaging, given the opportunity to play the role of a saviour and captain of a team of superheroes fighting for justice and the safety of multiple parallel universes. They encountered many obstacles due to monsters constantly standing in the way. How terrifying they are when possessing such terrible power. Attack the game player’s battle party continuously and powerfully. The players themselves also need to respond to the obnoxious demonic monsters.

Another World Hero mod apk free

Everything will be in the hands of the player of this Another World Hero simulation game. Always have to move forward because there are many rescue missions ahead. The monsters are terrible and terrifying as they constantly multiply. More and more game players will experience more special game mode systems. What an action simulation game to save the universe by building a great team of heroes. The knowledge of the character’s strengths, skills and abilities will be applied to the battle.

Countless powerful hero characters

With a system of countless powerful superheroes in the simulation game Another World Hero. Game players will be spoiled for collecting and bringing back to the team many heroes. Let’s see which heroes are the strongest with unique fighting skills. Use the accumulated points and items earned from the battle to exchange for hero cards—diverse and heroic warriors with many unique and attractive shapes. The typical heroes in the system of this Another World Hero simulation game are obtained as Fireman Halen, Marksman Dabo Warrior, Taran Charming Knight Warrior, and Artillery Warrior. Ranged Gundam and countless other unique warriors. Very suitable for game players who have a passion for collecting.

Another World Hero mod android

Rescue the multiverse of danger

The universes of the game Another World Hero are in utter jeopardy. Monsters are constantly rioting everywhere on the parallel planets. For that reason, the game players will begin the rescue journey with the team. Get ready to face off against different and unique powerful monsters. They are scary and formidable when virtualized according to game time. Every time the battle in this Another World Hero simulation game ends. There will always be more battles between good and evil that follow. Don’t stop fighting and rest even when the whole universe is in danger. Actual attack and defence are as logical as possible in the difficult battle journey.

Another World Hero mod

A team of superheroes fighting

To go further in each journey to conquer and save the universes. Game players must build and own a strong team of heroes fighting for themselves. Let’s discover superheroes with many levels and influential skill stars. The superheroes in the Another World Hero game system will have their uses. The superheroes in the battle team develop many abilities. Try to bring back your group of game players and many powerful superheroes.

Another World Hero mod apk

Bring your team to do justice in multiple universes. Download Another World Hero mod, join in building a superhero team, and go to rescue universes invaded by monsters.

Download Another World Hero MOD APK (Menu PRO/Attack multiplier/Immortal) for Android

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