Angry Gran Run 2 MOD APK 0.14.0 (Unlimited money)

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NameAngry Gran Run 2 APK
PublisherAce Viral
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Health is a privilege that nature gives to youth. However, the body will soon become weak if you do not appreciate it correctly. And vice versa, if you work hard to exercise, you will still be healthy when you are old. Many people think that older adults stoop with sticks and walk. But Angry Gran Run 2 brings an entirely different view. The game opens with the speed race of older men and women with grey hair. Sounds fresh and exciting, doesn’t it? Angry Gran Run 2 is continued from the popular Angry Gran series in the world. Will this part 2 resonate as brilliantly as its original? Try to experience it.

Angry Gran Run 2 mod

Download Angry Gran Run 2 mod – Join the addictive race

The player’s task in Angry Gran Run 2 is a running journey with an endless road. These older men and women have just escaped prison after many imprisonments. They hope to find freedom at the end of their lives. Therefore, they must run fast so the police cannot chase them. The road has many difficulties and obstacles, so players need to have rapid actions besides speed. The old characters will be extremely grateful when you help them complete this survival race. During the run, do not miss the precious gold coins. Instead, they are essential tools that allow runners to purchase more valuable items.

Angry Gran Run 2 apk

The never-ending run in Angry Gran Run 2 allows you to explore the open space of the world. Each way, we know a new land… In this game, the producer Ace Viral created four beautiful maps. The departure point will start at Whacky City. There are long trains that block your way. At the same time, there are ice cream cones and an unimaginably large poop symbol. On other maps, you can also see a subsided road with a flooded water hole. They all appeared unexpectedly. So keep yourself awake to react quickly. In this run, hands are more important than legs.

Angry Gran Run 2 mod apk

Avoid unpredictable obstacles

Standing in front of dangerous obstacles, it is not difficult for players to avoid them. Most straightforwardly, swipe left or right. The character will immediately turn to your control. The track is designed with three lanes, and obstacles can appear in all three lanes alternately. So the player must dodge continuously. Sometimes it even forms a Z-shaped running track. In addition, the manufacturer Ace Viral also created a few additional support tools. If you feel too many obstacles appear simultaneously, you can take advantage of them to overcome them. For example, jump on a hanging glider to fly high. Or double-click to use the skateboard to cross the water.

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Effective pet equipment

Your racing journey will not be tedious. In Angry Gran Run 2, a companion pet is always close to the player. Although small, they are instrumental. Each different animal will give you its outstanding abilities. For example, there are 20 pets in Angry Gran Run 2. Unlock them to discover what the new effects are. Reveal a little that there will be many cute-looking animals such as a fat bee, a red crab, a funny lion or a yellow duck…. There are also more agile and speed sharks. In particular, using unicorns will help you double the time to overcome the challenge. And the cunning monkey will prolong the effectiveness of the jet pack.

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Level up to add more experience

Every game is the same; all efforts are directed to upgrading. You will unlock new levels in Angry Gran Run 2 by gaining experience. So, where does the knowledge come from? Players will receive experience when completing the assigned tasks. The requirements will be given before each level, and you need to follow them. Levelling up is generally not too difficult. But it will open you up to many new opportunities and experiences. As you level up, your score will also increase. At the same time, there will be new areas and items that can only be unlocked at higher levels. So let’s run fast to the advanced levels.

Angry Gran Run 2 is a light-action game but full of attraction. The running lines keep connecting consecutively, making it difficult for you to stop. The set of characters and pets is built extremely lovely with unique features that make this game more attractive than ever. It is far superior to other three-lane racing games. Are you ready to join this challenging journey? Download Angry Gran Run 2 mod and experience the endless racing in the big city.

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