All of us are Craft Zombie 1.0.10 MOD APK (Unlimited money, spin, skin)

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NameAll of us are Craft Zombie APK
PublisherRocket Game Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, spin, skin
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The worst scenario you can imagine happened in All of us are Craft Zombie. The laboratory in the school had a dangerous gas leak. Anyone who inhales it becomes a lifeless zombie and hunts humans. Only a small group of students survived. Try to find a way out and run away from the bloodthirsty zombies constantly chasing. This blocky world survival game puts you on two distinct missions. Or run away from the zombies that are rioting in the school. Or turn everyone into zombies in the fastest time. Any way for you to play All of us are Craft Zombie is attractive and dramatic.

All of us are Craft Zombie mod

Download All of us are Craft Zombie mod – Choose between running and chasing

Just by hearing about the game’s setting, you already know that All of us are Craft Zombie is divided into two factions. On one side are the people who are running to fight for life. On the other side are those who have been transformed into lifeless zombies and attack humans. Players are given a choice between two factions. From there evolved into two separate game modes. You must constantly run away from the undead when you are on the human side. You play as the leader of a group of surviving students. Move through the ruined school and search for usable weapons. Fight with the zombies that are everywhere in the school. Collaborate with other students to escape.

As for the undead, you will have to find and destroy the survivors. Turn them into zombies and then the entire school. The way to control the character is straightforward when this is a game with a vertical screen interface. You need to touch the position of the character you want to move to. Touch human or undead to attack. Hide or chase everywhere. Pick up the necessary tools scattered throughout the school to survive. The game ends when one faction is wholly defeated. Win on the human side if you destroy all the undead. As for the undead, it will be to eat the brains of all humans and turn them into their kind.

All of us are Craft Zombie mod apk

Various design maps

It will take a few plays for you to get used to the school atmosphere in All of us are Craft Zombie. However, the setting is set in a fixed school. Each player’s play will be a different map design. Rooms and hiding places are constantly changing. So your tactics and improvisation are very high. When you are on the human side, try to find hiding places and hiding places as quickly as possible. Avoid confronting the undead in the first stage because you still have nothing in your hand. The number of undead and humans is shown in the upper corner of the screen. You will know immediately when a zombie is destroyed, or a human is captured.

All of us are Craft Zombie mod apk free

The important team factor

Regardless of your side, teaming up with your teammates is always the key to victory. Gathering a lot of undead moving together will increase the chances of catching humans. If you are on the human side, go with a large number to destroy the undead quickly. Sometimes there will be wars between all humans and the undead at the same time. The side that makes the most of the advantage of numbers, weapons, or terrain better will be the winner. Play with friends to increase communication and improvise situations. Moreover, this makes you happier because you are connected with your friends in the game. Work together or destroy each other to win.

All of us are Craft Zombie mod free

Unlock new looks

In addition to dramatic confrontations, adding a few interesting small details also increases the player’s experience. All of us are Craft Zombie. You can use the money to unlock new costumes for each faction. Buy more fun hats to put on your head for a funny look. Even more unique is owning own pets. They do not affect the power or give you any effect on the game screen. Just a funny decoration to help you stand out in school. Attracting enemies into traps with a humorous interface is also a tactic. The creativity to win All of us are Craft Zombie is also endless, depending on the player himself.

All of us are Craft Zombie free

Find a way to escape the deadly school when zombies rage everywhere. Hide and search for weapons that can be effective in combat. Or become a zombie and turn the entire school into a deadly hell. All of us are Craft Zombie mod puts players in two opposing factions. Fight for the survival of both sides with various tactics and impressive interactions.

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