After War MOD APK 1.30.0 (Menu PRO/Damage multiplier/Immortal)

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NameAfter War APK
PublisherRawhand Games
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Damage multiplier/Immortal
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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After War is a war between fighting robots, bringing dramatic events. Adventure into the world of robots, participate in matches. Immerse yourself in each confrontation, step by step, destroy the opponent. After War will bring intense battles for players to try to conquer. Attack and create surprise attacks that make the opponent unable to defend. Each match will be a challenge that you need to face. Role-playing the robot to fight hard, quickly defeat all enemies. With After War conquering all levels of play, become the most robust battle robot.

After War mod

Download After War mod – War of robots

The fighting role-playing game with extremely attractive gameplay. Each match takes place so that the player is free to act to complete the goal. Move to battlefield locations, launch counterattacks to defeat the opponent. Immerse yourself in the action of the match, asserting your position through each attack phase. Fight in the dungeons, not to be dominated by other enemies. Step by step, progress to higher levels, facing more dangerous bosses. After War will create the most intense battles, creating battles that are no different from reality. Bring a great experience for gamers and enjoy the thrilling battle atmosphere.

After War mod apk

Automatic robot control gameplay with dramatic game modes. After War has attracted a large number of players through its exciting gameplay, the warriors will be robots, attacking to defeat all enemies. Own robot collections and join them in the next matches. You will have the task of leading and accompanying the robot in each battle. Continuously create pressure and combine many smart attacks to make the opponent lose. Focus on deploying appropriate countermeasures, worthy of the title of undefeated robot warrior. Set many new records, challenges in the top levels.

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Destroy enemies in the dungeon

Where the monsters, enemies appear, will be in the dungeons. With more than 20 different dungeons will be provided for players to explore. Control the robot to go to those dungeons to fight the enemy forces. Each match will create its own challenge for you. Consecutive counterattacks from many dangerous monster bosses. After successfully killing the enemies, After War will take you to the next dungeon. The number of enemies will also be more and more crowded, it is not easy for players to complete the task. Immerse yourself in endless battles with robots, achieving outstanding achievements.

After War mod android

Collect robot parts

In addition to fighting on the battlefield, After War will let you build your own robot image. By collecting their parts and assembling them into complete robots. The player is completely customized to strengthen the battle robot. Don’t forget to upgrade to make them more comprehensive, ready to fight in every battle. Create stunning and powerful robots, train combat skills to get a victory. Turning to your collection will add diverse robot warriors, accompanying the decisive battle arenas.

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Diverse robot lineups

The core force participating in combat will be robots. After War gathers various squads with many talented robots. The robot will move to enemy positions with an automatic mechanism and take action. Players will choose skills and with them create strengths through each attack. Each squad will join the battle and attack the battle locations. Summon the robots and strengthen the force that becomes more and more powerful. Lead the entire army to go to each place where the enemy is present, step by step destroy them all. Train combat experience, arrange each position suitable for the whole team. Attack towards the enemy, complete the set goals in the fastest time.

A fierce battle with the participation of the robot squad. Attack all dangerous monsters, quickly creating breakthroughs in each attack. Go to the battlefields and face many enemies, creating glorious victories together. Download After War mod fighting adventure with robot warriors.

Download After War MOD APK (Menu PRO/Damage multiplier/Immortal) for Android

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