Adventure Chef MOD APK 2.91 (Unlimited money)

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NameAdventure Chef APK
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SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Hearing the name of this game, you will immediately know what its content is. That’s right, Adventure Chef and its journey to becoming the number one chef. Cooking games are an integral part of the current game village. A light entertainment, not as competitive as fighting games. Just a great relaxing space next to my virtual but fun food. Cooking games are increasingly being developed to add more exciting elements. Gradually inside, it includes episodes of storytelling and puzzles. Adventure Chef is one of them, with a story that inspires the players themselves. Now let’s see what it brings.

Adventure Chef mod

Download Adventure Chef mod – The adventure of the owner of the best dishes

Adventure Chef is about Izy, a famous truck restaurant owner. She is traveling around the world in search of her diners. The world is filled with different ingredients and dishes for her to explore. This will be a very long journey, and you will be with her. Your mission is to cook across the continent. Diverse menu combined with the high competition when time is limited. You have to cook at a peak speed to be able to serve customers in time. Strive to retain its most loyal guests. Take home the title of the best chef in the world.

The restaurant management and operating mechanism will not be the most important thing. Adventure Chef mainly depends on your cooking speed. Take on the success and grow your mobile restaurant to scale. Each level is a day of serving your customers. They will come to your truck to order what they want. With the available ingredients, combine them in the right quantities and ingredients to create the desired dish. You must remember that the right combination of ingredients is required for the dish to be accepted. And so on until the last customer is served. Everything is perfected, and you make a profit for yourself.

Adventure Chef mod free

Self-supplied materials

A mobile restaurant will serve a lot of diners every day. So, where do we find the ingredients for cooking? The main answer is in the main character’s garden. This is the area that provides all the ingredients to make delicious dishes. You will sow, fertilize, and water the plants for natural vegetables. Once harvested, it can be processed into food immediately. For example, the chili will become a spicy seasoning for the dish. There are a lot of ingredients depending on where you are going. So what’s the menu like there, and how do people like the food.

Adventure Chef mod apk

Mobile restaurant upgrade

We will need to upgrade the restaurant to hold more ingredients and serve more guests. After each game screen, you will be rewarded with gold. Use gold to upgrade the parts inside the kitchen. It is possible to add an extra slot for the dish to be served faster than one customer. Please increase the number of ingredients so you don’t have to wait for them to recover too long. Like a game of upgrading, Adventure Chef will constantly push you to have a complete restaurant and meet all culinary requirements for all guests. Occasionally, very light snacks can be added. They help diners be more patient and wait a little longer for the main dish.

Stories of chefs

Izzy’s journey will not be boring when new characters gradually appear. They are all famous chefs or food critics. Most of them have a good or bad relationship with the main character. And you’ll need to find a way to help her deal with them in many encounters. Sometimes you will have to duel in a culinary battle with rival chefs. Whoever attracts more customers wins. There are also many stories of conflicts between chefs and food critics. They will disrupt the crowd and not let you serve customers. These are all difficult challenges that prevent you from becoming the chef king. Try to get through them all.

Adventure Chef mod apk free

Cooking games are usually simple and don’t have too much depth to experience the plot. Adventure Chef is entirely different when it comes to that element. Re-experience a chef’s journey around the world on a mobile restaurant. Collect ingredients to create the most unique and attractive dishes. Encounter and confront additional characters in the story. Don’t give up and persevere to win the title of top chef in the world. Adventure Chef mod should be played by a patient gamer who wants to explore food.

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