99 dead pirates MOD APK 1.22 (Dumb enemy)

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Name99 dead pirates APK
PublisherAzur Interactive Games Limited
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Learn and discover the story of 99 dead pirates in 99 dead pirates. Usually, the number of pirate-themed games is more about exploring the sea. But 99 dead pirates is a big difference. This is a fighting role-playing game and constantly upgrading. You will play the role of a captain of a pirate fleet in the search for stories related to 99 pirates at sea. Their deaths open the mystery of the dark forces born from human greed. This is a challenge for players to show their tactical ability. Discover the story’s truth while upgrading the pirate warrior to become stronger.

99 dead pirates mod

Download 99 dead pirates mod – The truth about the demons on the sea

The strange dream of a pirate captain evokes the story of 99 pirates who mysteriously died. The main character – the pirate captain, is taken to a dark and mysterious land. There exist entities beyond human understanding. They are like ghosts wearing pirate costumes. These creatures will not stop coming toward you to attack and curse. Players must protect themselves by controlling the main character. Use legendary weapons to defeat these ghosts. Learn the truth about everything and why you’re here. The process of fighting and upgrading will take place continuously in the game.

The battle will take place in a dark land. It will be difficult for players to determine the direction without directions. Click on the locations you want to go to for the character to start moving. The game screen requires you to destroy all pirate ghosts. Using the primary weapon is a giant hammer held in hand. This magic hammer will deal with massive attacks on ghosts. How you attack and fight will be real-time and evolve with each level you go through. This captain character also gains strength based on level and stats. The enemy will be stronger, so upgrading is significant.

99 dead pirates mod apk

Typical dark background

The space of the dark land has clearly shown your gameplay in 99 dead pirates. A black with no direction, but you will know where you need to go. The wreckage of pirate ships was scattered everywhere. Showing the fate of those floating on the high seas will pay a heavy price. The ghosts of pirates are always around and waiting to attack you when you are defenseless. This journey has no destination and is difficult to define. All you can do is protect yourself. Upgrade to become stronger after each battle. Waiting for something to appear and solve everything.

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Equipment to increase power.

In combat, weapons and self-protection equipment are always the top priority. The main character’s weapon in 99 dead pirates is a giant hammer. It has been coated with legendary magic and deals excellent damage when attacking phantom entities. This hammer can be upgraded to increase damage and add many vital stats. In addition to the legendary hammer are the armors for the main character. Increases endurance in long battles. Because each game screen has a different time and number of enemies, the most dangerous are the bosses commanding in the dark, a force you must be very prepared to face.

99 dead pirates mod free

Open an attractive treasure chest.

Offering players a chance to become stronger and more profitable are bonus chests. Obtained when you complete a level or perform a task given by the system. Opening chests will give you a chance to get new equipment. The level of equipment is based on their aura and color. The most advanced is purple equipment with superior stats compared to other levels. The bonus chests are an excellent opportunity to try your luck. Is it possible to get a valuable item in battle? Or materials suitable for upgrading existing equipment. All of them bring advantages so that we can directly confront many forces of darkness.

99 dead pirates free

What awaits you behind the legend of the 99 pirates’ deaths? Only you can uncover it for yourself and know the truth. Accompany the pirate captain in the dark land. Defeating the ghosts of pirates represents the crimes they have committed. 99 dead pirates mod gives players an adventure to unravel the mystery. The truth is revealed after a series of dangerous near-death battles.

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