7Billion Zombies 1.3.79 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Damage multiplier/Immortal)

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Name7Billion Zombies APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Damage multiplier/Immortal
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The war against zombies always brings attraction to players. Game mode until thrilling missions, do not make players feel bored. Publisher SUPER CANDY has got a new game called 7Billion Zombies for the gaming community. With engaging gameplay, action to attack hateful zombies. Team up with warriors to coordinate to create powerful counterattacks. Fight to defeat a series of zombies, not allowing them to exist in this world. Attack consecutively towards the opponents, do not give them a chance to counterattack. Determined to fight in every battle, win every battle.

7 Billion Zombies mod apk

Download 7Billion Zombies mod – Scary apocalyptic world

The whole world is filled with dangerous zombies, they always appear everywhere. The object that zombies always aim for is humans. Whoever it is, they will all carry out attacks, seeking to destroy. Unable to stand and watch them rampage, you will have to attack quickly. Aim the right target to be able to stop all of their actions. The war with many unexpected developments will happen, making it difficult for players to predict. This also creates an attraction for gamers. Conquer the challenge in the apocalyptic world, quickly killing all bloodthirsty zombies.

7 Billion Zombies mod android

You want to try your hand at each battle between zombies. 7Billion Zombies is the game for you, demonstrating each strategy to eliminate them. They need to be closely linked from attacking ways to coordinating with the army. Not to create an advantage for zombies to attack. This will be the time for players to start entering each fierce battle screen. Strong connection with warriors, do not let any monsters defeat. Take advantage of each skill and experience you have to confront each zombie. Victory will be for you if you destroy all the zombies in the world.

7 Billion Zombies mod

Attack commander

Appearing as a multi-talented commander, you will need to execute strategies. Arrange each specific position for each warrior, give the task. Observe each direction of movement, timely prevent attacks from zombies. You will also need to change tactics for each fight. Have the correct countermeasures to defeat all the evil zombie forces quickly. It all depends on the ability to direct to get the army ready for battle. Continuously deliver dangerous counterattacks to make the enemy unstoppable. Causes any zombies that appear to receive death.

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Character summon

Gather characters to form a powerful army in battles. Each character will have different strengths, contributing to the victory. Train each warrior to have all the skills they need to fight. Diverse characters for players to choose from. Gradually build up experience in fighting styles to make opponents hard to resist. Coordinate and support each other in all situations to destroy zombie monsters. Create the strongest army, ready to be present on each front. Increase combat power and practice more new skills to be perfect in the attack phase. The larger the army, the more the team will be able to face countless formidable zombies.

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Join the arena event

Start with each fight, come to the thrilling arena. This is where the events of the battle with the enemy will take place. Seize every opportunity created to fight the zombies. You will receive diamonds when participating in the event included in 7Billion Zombies. Set foot in each fierce arena, discover every evolution of the battle. Take advantage of the opportunity and ability to fight, defeat each zombie. Confront a series of zombies, quickly destroy in the soonest time. Win on every battlefield, don’t let any opponent get past you.

Zombie battle never makes players bored. 7Billion Zombies too, the gameplay continues to be perfected and developed. Let’s make high achievements in every battle, attack every zombie. Save the world, destroy dangerous forces in 7Billion Zombies mod.

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